The whereabouts of Lee Yundi’s prostitutes are unknown

Lee Yundi. (courtesy from weibo)

chinese piano princelee yundiInternationally renowned, she was previously detained on charges of prostitution, her image was tarnished, and she was banned from the industry. Now seven months have passed, and even his former friend Vang Lihom has suffered a major setback from the negative news. As of now, Lee Yundi still has no news. Another media reported that the producer who originally had a lot of money and asked him to speak for her, could not bear to file a lawsuit. The court gave a civil judgment and a notice of property protection in accordance with the rules, and immediately awarded 3.33 million yuan (about 489,830 yuan) to Li Yundi and his father, Li Chuan. US dollars) was taken for asset protection measures, but it is now reported that the matter has been resolved.

“Phoenix Net Entertainment” reported that Piano Home Co., Ltd. had originally invited Lee Yundi as its spokesperson in 2021. As a result, there was a prostitution scandal last year. Piano Home immediately ended the cooperative relationship. It is determined that the civil ruling and asset protection will be reported, and a decision has been made to falsely confiscate more than 3 million yuan of assets in the name of Li Yundi and his son. However, “Times Weekly” also reported that, in fact, high-level Piano executives said they had reached a settlement with Lee Yundi, “but specific details still need to be known.” Media inquired about Lee Yundi’s studio but did not get any response.

Lee Yundi reported a prostitution scandal last year, and thenBeijingpublic securityThe bureau confirmed on Weibo that Lee Yundi was held in administrative custody on suspicion of being prostitutes, which brought down Lee Yundi’s image and reputation. However, this is not the first time that “NetEdge Entertainment” learned through people familiar with Lee Yundi. Yundi has been arrested for visiting prostitutes. In the first half of last year, he was arrested for the same, he was arrested for the reason but it was not exposed at that time. This again came to the fore because of the crime. People Familiar The matter also revealed that Lee Yundi had a complicated relationship. During his studies in Germany, his classmates had already heard about it.

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