Friday, August 5, 2022

The whole family is calm and fit Support Addison Chen vomits to be a father Honest words “Family first”

Hong Kong star Addison Chen took advantage of Tanabata Valentine’s Day to post family photos with lovers in this and past lives and even expressed her true feelings after getting married.

According to widespread media reports, the three people in the picture have extremely cold expressions, extolling the family with super aura; Edison Chen has a very personal hairstyle, his wife Qin Shupei has long hair and shawls, but her eyes are bright, and her precious daughter Aaliyah stood between them. She was not shy in front of the camera at all. He also inherited the good genes of his parents. The older she was, the more beautiful she was.

According to widespread media reports, Edison Chen said “FAMILY FIRST!!!!!!” after the photo was published on PO. Wrote, and marked Qin Shupei and his daughter Alaya. He was pleasantly surprised to reveal his true words after getting married and became a father. The family is already theirs. At first, it prompted fans to leave comments and praises, “Loving family”, “You can see complete confidence and happiness through Alia’s eyes”, “Quiet and beautiful family”, “I am more of them”. Want to see more “While vlogging or something.”

Another netizen criticized “There is no smile at all, what is it?” In fact, this is a promotional photo of the Japanese brand Sakai. Edison Chen and brand designer Chitos Abe have a very close relationship. It is called Saikai’s “Fashionable Collection”; And this non-traditional family photo,fashionWho said you should greet people with a smile?

In fact, this isn’t the first time all three of Edison Chen’s family have come together. At the previous show jointly signed by Sakai and Cartier, the youngest daughter Alaya also appeared together.

Also, in late July, some netizens shared a picture of three family members meeting Addison Chen. They were very kind and took a picture together, but Edison Chen’s sophisticated appearance was considered outdated by many.


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