There are only 4 trains a day, and online “guide to leave Shanghai” has become popular, but “you can’t go back”

Shanghai WeChat Public Account “Shanghai Literature and Art Youth” prepares a chart to introduce how to get to the various transportation hubs in Shanghai. (Retrieved from the WeChat public account @Shanghai Literature and Art Youth)

ShanghaiEpidemiccontinues. Recently, some netizens have issued “Leaving Shanghai Process and Transport Guide”. The material is accompanied by maps, schedules and other information to teach those who need to leave Shanghai how to apply and which transportation methods to use to get there. Once the article appeared, the number of readings quickly exceeded 100,000.

According to the report of Hong Kong 01, ShanghaiSubwayIt was announced on the 10th that the operation of Metro Line 6 and Line 16 would be suspended from 1:00 PM till further notice. As of now, all line stations on the Shanghai Rail Transit Network have ceased operations.

For those who need to leave Shanghai, the WeChat public account “Shanghai Literature and Art Youth” sent netizens and official information to make “leaving Shanghai process and traffic guide” to help people through transportation, car rental, etc. United to teach you how to leave Shanghai. ,

It is understood that if people want to leave Shanghai at present, they must present the relevant certificates (work certificate, special needs certificate) to the neighborhood committee where Shanghai is located. They can only go after being approved by the neighborhood committee. Before leaving, they must sign a commitment letter to the neighborhood committee, promising that after leaving the community they will not return until the community is unblocked. In addition, they have to inform the neighborhood committee that they are going to the destination so that they can make quarantine arrangements on arrival.

The “guide” mentioned that if there are special needs such as pregnant women at home, family members can generally be allowed to enter or leave Shanghai.

Currently, Shanghai has only four trains a day, two bound for Nanjing and two for Hangzhou. Most of the flights are cancelled. If you want to take high-speed rail, you must have a nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours and an antigen (quick screening) certificate within 24 hours. Taxis and vehicles with passes are still available to get to the stationairport,

The “guide” also noted that self-driving does not necessarily require a pass (guaranteed material supply vehicle or special vehicle for anti-epidemic work), but a specific route to and from leaving or entering Shanghai. Relevant documents are still needed to drive with. ,

It is noteworthy that shared bicycles have also become a means of transport under Shanghai’s closure, but there will be several checkpoints along the way for nucleic acids, green codes and ticket and air ticket checks for stations and airports.

In response to the questions of netizens, what should I do if I return to Shanghai after returning to my hometown, but I am not accepted by the community in Shanghai? The author of the official account also admitted that he could only find hotels that were ready to accommodate them or set up tents to sleep on the streets temporarily. At present, there are still many delivery boys on the road in Shanghai. You can ask them if there is a hotel where they can stay temporarily or if they can sleep under the bridge to avoid the rain.

Furthermore, some netizens noted that because the school said that the semester would end at the end of the month, many college students around them have already hoped to charter a flight to return to their hometowns, and they Have to pay five to six times. Original air ticket price. In response, the author of the official account also replied that the current pandemic situation has subsided, and it is expected that there will be more trains and flights by the end of the month.

An illustration of transportation and travel by Fang Baojie, a student at Tongji University in Shanghai.  (Retrieved from the WeChat public account @Shanghai Literature and Art Youth)
An illustration of transportation and travel by Fang Baojie, a student at Tongji University in Shanghai. (Retrieved from the WeChat public account @Shanghai Literature and Art Youth)

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