‘There, I said it’ – NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner weighs in on viral video of Tua Tagovailoa passing the ball to Tyreek Hill

Not many quarterbacks are as divided as Tua Tagovailoa. The Miami Dolphins quarterback has generated a lot of speculation since he entered the league.

His poor pitching and poor interception made many wonder if he was the man to lead the team. Well, now more ammo for the naysayers.

A video has surfaced of Tagovailoa throwing badly at Tyreek Hill, and many have criticized the quarterback for doing so. However, Hall of Famer Kurt Warner has jumped on the 24-year-old via his Twitter page.

“I’ve played professional football for many years, and as much as I hate to admit, ‘I missed a lot of passes in practice! ! “I said… #GoodToGetThatOffMyChest 🙄”

I played professional football for many years and although I hate to admit it, “I passed the low pass many times in practice!!” There I said… #GoodToGetThatOffMyChest 🙄

When people see viral videos, they quickly start criticizing players. In Tua Tagovailoa’s case, it was a simple low pitch, similar to the one many quarterbacks indulge in, which caused some anxiety in the NFL fraternity.

Miami Dolphins load up to help Tua Tagovailoa

Tyreek Hill at his Miami Dolphins press conference

Miami struggled a bit last season when they fired Brian Flores and hired Mike McDaniel to replace him. The Dolphins’ offseason recruiting campaign was nothing short of blockbuster.


To help the team and Tua Tagovailoa move forward, the organization opened the checkbook and signed Sony Michel, Tyreek Hill, Cedric Wilson, Terron Armstead, Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert and Connor Williams. They are both offensive players.

Going into the 2022 season, Tagovailoa will have some powerful weapons at his disposal. Two new receivers in Hill and Cedric Wilson Jr. and two star running backs in Edmonds and Mostert will go a long way.

More important, however, was some offensive line help from Armstead and Williams to protect the 24-year-old.

Many say this is the year the league will see if the 24-year-old quarterback can make it. He now has all the tools and weapons at his disposal to be successful and has star defense on the other side as well.


It will be a defining year for the former Alabama star as he finds his way through the performances of the past few years. not now.

With an abundance of weapons and a beefed-up offensive line, he’s expected to hit his stride in 2022. But will he? Time will prove everything.

Edited by Akshay Saraswat

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