There’s a shortage of formula milk, and Chinese parents are doing “cross-state panic shopping.” If they can’t afford it, they can only feed on fresh milk.

The shortage of infant formula milk has been severe lately, making it difficult for parents to buy milk for their babies. (Reporter Mu Lan/Photography)

There is a serious shortage of infant formula across the United States, and childbearing families everywhere are complaining; In New York, some Chinese parents went to New York City, Upstate, and New Jersey to take photographs; In Chicago, there are someSugarInstead, the mother had to give fresh milk to the child.

The whole family goes out and takes the baby

Mrs. Yang, a Chinese-American living in Albany, New York, faced a crisis of “food shortage” for her two-month-old son, so she had to “wait for the rabbit” on the retail store’s website. to find a shop where she could buy milk; Even if it took more than an hour to drive there in NSW or New York City, no matter how expensive the price, you should “stock up” rations for your kids; Because chain stores limit purchases, sometimes the entire family has to be sent around to bring the baby around, just to buy an extra can of formula milk.

Mrs. Yang and her husband welcomed their first child in March. During delivery, she was told by the hospital that there was a shortage of formula milk, and she only provided one or two small bottles of formula milk each time. She said that the child was not eating enough, and she was so hungry that she cried in the ward. , he had to bite the bullet and ask for milk from the nurse.

After being discharged from the hospital, Mrs. Yang’s breast milk was insufficient, so she could choose to buy only formula milk and introduce her babies; She said that as of early March, she can still shop around and choose to buy formula milk with it. A low price and a suitable model. “Look for something else, you can still buy it.”

Good to have stock, don’t care about the price at all

But since April, formula has been harder to find at chain stores near Mrs. Yang’s house; She said quality problems with some of Abbott’s formulas have resulted in fewer options, let alone with daily online purchases it would take two or three hours to find “who has the milk”.

At first, Mrs. Yang was only inwalmart(Walmart) bought cheaper formula milk, but since mid-April, the Walmart near her house has been completely out of stock, so she had to switch to more expensive formula milk from Target and Walgreens. The goods are very happy, and you may not care about the money at all.”

Since major chain stores have recently begun restricting the purchase of formula milk, Mrs. Yang said the first thing she does every day after her husband leaves work is to “sweep” her two-month-old. Take it to the nearest chain store. goods”, only to buy a bottle of milk for several people and more, “on average, I go to three or four stores a day to buy the amount of a baby for a week.”

Still, Mrs. Yang said on the 12th that formula milk at home was only enough for a month, which made her worried, “social mediaGroup mothers have similar problems. No one else wants to say when you get milk. There are two or three bottles of milk in a supermarket, and one is not enough. ,

Mrs Yang said recently her “extra activity” was going to the supermarket to buy formula milk. Last weekend, he drove for over an hour just to buy three bottles of formula milk from a store in NSW. What should I do with it?” That said, it really can’t be done, so I have to buy it from abroad.

Shop battles are like Black Friday

Lin Lan, a Chinese mother in Chicago, said on the 12th that her son Eric would soon be one year old. “It has become difficult to buy infant formula since August last year, and it is impossible to buy it now, so I am forced to go straight to fresh milk.” ,

Lin Lan said that before September last year, Abbott’s official website started limiting purchases. You could only buy three boxes at a time, and each box contained 12 cans (medium bottles) of Similac Formula Milk Powder, but within a month, it was no longer available. , Afterwards, Costco’s official website was still selling, but purchases were limited. “At the time, you could buy two boxes at a time, and you could order again after a few hours.” To place an order again two weeks later, you may never buy it; Then he tried Sam’s Club and it was out of stock.

Mothers with children from all over the world have set up WeChat Milk Powder groups on social media to share the news with each other. Later, it was discovered that Walmart often put some formula milk on the shelves in the morning. Wait, and then went inside to catch her as soon as the door opened. It was like “Black Friday shopping”. I went back and forth several times, and each time I took out seven or eight boxes.” Lin Lan said, but soon more and more people found out. News, the queues are getting longer and longer, and the milk powder The difficulty of buying has increased greatly.

Unhappy over buying formula milk for her son over the past few months, Lin Lan said, “Finding milk powder every day is very painful. After consulting a pediatrician, I started using formula milk one to two weeks before my son’s Closed- year old birthday. I gave him fresh milk.”

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