They decided to persuade Europe to give up gas

Economy NewsThey decided to persuade Europe to give up gas

The European Commission has decided to develop new rules that will persuade EU (EU) member states to abandon fossil fuels and switch to more environmentally friendly fuels. EU Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson spoke about the EU’s plans.

The politician noted that Europe is moving towards decarbonisation, and therefore fossil gas will be replaced by biomethane, electric fuel or clean hydrogen. Simson has promised to submit a package of rules on the gas market in December 2021, which will include incentives for the energy transition.

The Commissioner for Energy noted that the crisis facing Europe was caused by the countries’ dependence on fossil fuels. “We must act and take the right measures to not only protect Europeans here and now, but also to create the conditions for greater energy security in tomorrow’s world of clean energy,” Simson said.

The transition to renewable energy is a long-term measure to overcome the energy crisis. Earlier in October, Kadri Simson had already voiced options that could help Europeans in the short term. For example, the commissioner suggested that the EU authorities partially reimburse residents for increased electricity bills, address payment delays and reduce taxes for vulnerable groups.


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