“They killed my daughter”: Marisol’s mother, a young woman killed in Guamas during a protest on November 25

U.S.A."They killed my daughter": Marisol's mother, a young woman...

Marisol was assassinated in front of the Municipal Palace in Guamás, Sonora, following an attack by an armed group (Photo: EXCLUSIVE)

This Thursday evening at around 7:30, a Armed attack against the officials of the Municipality of Guamas, Sonora, who were outside the Municipal Palace attending a group of young feminists belonging to the collective “Feministas del Mar”.

As per advice from sources infobe mexico, three people were confirmed dead: an escort of Mayor Carla Cordova, another subject yet to be identified, and a woman from the protesting group Who was identified as Marisol, who has just turned 18 years old.

Like every year, about 10 girls went to government facilities to end violence against women in Mexico. Even then something that had never happened, the officers came out to look after them and lit candles with them,

Several minutes later explosions were heard resulting in the death of three people and injuring two others. Immediately, Outrage over Marisol’s murder intensifies And various people expressed their outrage.

(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)

Among the messages was also a message from her mother, who shared a message on the social network that, in addition to confirming her daughter’s death, Shows his sadness and annoyance with the situation that sadly took Marisol’s life,

“They killed my daughter, in the middle of the Municipal Palace, expressing their dissent, tell everyone, If I am that woman‘s mother, then another was just 18 years old”(sic), the woman has been identified as Atiseret Uduenas, wrote on the social network.

Later, she published a broad message to remember Marisol and her goals in her life, such as raising her voice for other violators.

“I am a mother lost in a performance that could be the most important thing to a child in this life, I am the mother of another victim, know that there was nothing bad in this that can be saidEveryone who was with her knew she was a healthy woman with dreams, a fulfilling life ahead of her” (sic), she shared.

(Photo: Special / Facebook)
(Photo: Special / Facebook)

also told that His daughter’s performance was not violent, as she only demanded a better world for women., to eradicate violence, so he raised his voice. However, derived from this fact, she said, it would now be she who would be in charge of raising the voice for Marisol to seek justice.

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,If it’s true, I wanted to raise my voice and demonstrate if it’s true and it doesn’t confer justice, it wasn’t violence What he preached was only a better world for women, planet, to death but violence against women, against children, father, sister, brother, I raise my voice in your name for the right to freedom of expression To do my love, without violenceI raise my voice for injustice, I raise my voice for everyone who has left. rip in peace”(sic), he elaborated.

Finally, with an image, he indicated that he wanted to perform without violence, despite the fact that Marisol told him to “destroy everything” if something happened. ,Yes I will but not with violence, because what you wanted was no violence, my love, only a better world, and you got it, but in another way. You lightened up”, he punctuated with a hint of sadness and despair in his own words.

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