They release a young man who never knew Lima, but was imprisoned for an alleged robbery in Callao.

U.S.A.They release a young man who never knew Lima,...

Youth released after two months of unjust prison

After living a nightmare, a young man who was unjustly imprisoned is finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the light of freedom.

Jose Antonio Rojas Infante, Ankon II was released from prison after learning that he had never participated in a robbery. Callao in 2012.

as you remember, rosus infantes He was arrested in Amazonas for an alleged robbery that he had committed nine years earlier at First Port. Without being given time to prepare for his defense, the young activist was immediately taken to the Ankon II prison.

It was thus that Rojas Infante was arrested and immediately transferred to Lima to serve his sentence, a sentence for an act he had never committed.

Following this outcry, his relatives rallied by all means, as Rojas Infante is always in the Amazon and assured that in 2012 he was working for a local company, so going to Lima was not in his plan.

Also the brother of the young man, Manuel Rojas YupanquiHe specified that the perpetrator had also been involved in the robbery, given incongruous details, such as the school where Rojas Infantes studied or physical characteristics that did not match what his brother blamed.

“The problem is that my brother has been arrested. They accused him of a robbery that he committed in Callao in 2012, but my brother never knew Lima, he never came to (the capital)., he told Exitosa.

“The criminal explains that his partner is called Antonio Rojas Infante, but strangely after some time the name of my brother Jose Antonio Rojas Infante appears. In addition, the criminal said that he studied with his partner in Callao , but my brother never went to Lima, he lived in the Amazon for the rest of his life “, he said.

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Furthermore, he did not hesitate to convict Judge Linares for arbitrarily imprisoning his brother without evidence, as asking for documents to prove it was a mistake.

“I do not know what was the reasoning for issuing a demand order against my brother because we have a certificate of study confirming that my brother studied at the San Juan School here in Amazonas”, Revealed.

Subject which indirectly touches a minor up to 18 years of age

A man found guilty of inappropriately touching a minor will spend 18 years behind bars for the rest of his life. This came after previously receiving an exemplary decision from the Fourth Office of the Provincial Corporate Prosecutor’s Office, which specialized in violence against women and members of the Callao family group.

Hugo Garrido Carpio (56) was tried for offenses against sexual freedom, his manner of touching, acts of sexual connotation or acts of libido to the detriment of minors.

In the oral trial, the provincial deputy prosecutor blanca nelida apaja sukasaka displayed that, on May 27, 2020, Hugo Garrido He took the minor to his room so that such misbehavior could be done against the minor who had been cheated.

To support these acts, the prosecutor apaza sukasaka, presented, among others, the minutes of a single interview in the Geisel Chamber and the psychological expertise of the minor, which determined the responsibility of the accused.

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