They Revive Belinda’s Video Against Abortion: “God is Going to Punish You”

U.S.A.They Revive Belinda's Video Against Abortion: "God is Going...

Belinda She is involved in a new brawl on the social network – in some frequent but positive way – that has nothing to do with her romance. Christian Nodal, The situation is looking much more complicated for the interpreter this time in the darkness Since with an excerpt from an interview—still unknown—when done the singer was 13 or 14, she speaks effectively against abortion.

Tiktok account by @cristiannodalcc “Will you still think the same thing today?” The recording, shared with the title, immediately generated many reactions among Internet users, as there were famous points out that it does not seem “justified” to terminate a pregnancy and assures that God is going to “punish” those who resort to it., Users of many social networks have shown their frustration and anger.

“Mothers who do this, I say it is totally irresponsible and I am 100 percent against abortion because if you do something then it is your responsibility and you are taking a human being from life and God is going to punish you.” Mentioned as Hit Singer in love you should forgive, school girl hey light without gravity,

Belinda pointed out that it does not seem “fair” that pregnancy termination occurs and assures that God is “going to punish” those who resort to it (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)

“In a way, I mean, it’s taking the life of a human being you created yourself. It’s not fair, you can’t do it for the world. I’m one hundred percent against it,” the singer said.

TikTok users where the video began to go viral, as well as other networks where the video was spread – Twitter and Facebook – reacted in different ways, as the singer’s fans are one of the biggest and most popular fandoms among female singers. , While some pointed out that the singer has grown up and might not think so anymore, others supported her opinion.

“Well, at that age we all think differently. one developsThis thought comes to the mind of all of us because we Society presented the issue of abortion to us“I hope you’ve changed your mind”, “like pro-abortion opinion publicly, pro-life can give their opinion”, “respect their opinion, we are not all feminists“I don’t care if Belinda is a pro or not, I like what she does professionally, which everyone thinks I don’t care,” he wrote in favor of Belinda.

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Many of her fans of “Red Bone” tried to justify (Photo: Instagram / @belindapop)

Protesters said: “You can’t go around the world saying you’re a woman who she just has great rights to be beautiful“,” Belinda forgets that if she can sing and pose this beautiful song on Instagram, it’s thanks to the millions of women who fight for the kind of thing that shouldn’t be a right “,”It’s typical for white and privileged women to say this kind of thing, Really He had already forgotten when he said he was learning the ‘Oaxacan’ language, what a bear “,” as his song would say: Poor Boba Nina Nice. It is true that these types of comments make people think very badly of white women,” he wrote.

Although many of her fans of “Red Bone” tried to justify the seriousness of her opinion about the subject and how she approached it, many others saw it as unacceptable because Belinda found herself a female reference in the musical environment. ranked as. current singer little toad Haven’t said anything about it in any of their social networks, so it might complicate the situation His followers ask him for answers,

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