They will review a ban on British lawmakers for carrying their children after a dispute with a Labor woman

WorldThey will review a ban on British lawmakers for...

rule that prohibits British MP adopt to children till parliamentary debate They will be reviewed, according to House of Commons (Lower) Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, who acknowledged there are “different opinions” on the issue.

Hoyle made a brief statement before the said House to clarify whether MPs were allowed to come with their children. Controversy generated this week after Labor MP Stella Cressey An official message was received asking him not to bring his three-month-old son into an argument.

NS president of commons It is believed to be “extremely important that the parents of infants and young children can participate fully” in its parliamentary functions.

standards are being reviewed

Hoyle admitted he had no record of the message sent folded To ask her not to bring her child to the chamber. On the content of that note, Hoyle acknowledged that “this accurately reflects current standards.” However, he added that “the rules should be viewed in a context and change over time.”

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hoyle He also said that the House of Commons should be “professional and able to function without interference.”

“I acknowledge that there are differing views on this issue, and in fact I have been approached by lawmakers who have children with differing opinions,” he said.

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Faced with this situation, Hoyle has asked for the presidency. parliamentary procedure committee To examine the matter and make recommendations.

After hearing the President‘s statement, Laborista Crissy, who did not attend, were “satisfied” to hear that the rules currently prohibiting deputies from taking their children to the Commons would be analysed. “I believe this means that these rules will be modified to make possible a mix between parenting and politics,” he said.

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