“This is a corrupt government”: Vicente Fox throws megaprojects AMLO and Q4 by decree

U.S.A."This is a corrupt government": Vicente Fox throws megaprojects...

Photos: Cuartocuro // Presidency of Mexico

former President Vicente Fox Quesada He has been one of the prominent political figures who have consistently criticized the functions used by the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), as well as his project for the nation calling itself fourth change (4 T).

Once again, the former president disqualified the López Obrador administration by reacting to a publication by academic Max Kaiser, where he criticized the budget given to megaprojects until 2022 and He pointed out that with funds earmarked for the Dos Bocas refinery, the Maya train and the Santa Lucia airport, 3 million chemotherapy treatments could be financed.,

Given this, Fox Quesada classified the AMLO government as “corrupt and useless”:

(Photo: Twitter/@VicenteFoxQue)
(Photo: Twitter/@VicenteFoxQue)

It is noteworthy that on November 22, the President had issued a decree through the Official Gazette of the Federation (DoF), under which the President Megaprojects and other works The infrastructure, of which the Santa Lucia, dos Bocas and Maya trains stand out, declared itself Public interest and national security.

with that, dependency of federal public administration they will be instructed “to confer authority” Temporary Presentation and/or obtaining of opinion, permits or licenses necessary to undertake projects or works”.

Faced with the president‘s backlash, a large number of journalists, political analysts, academics and politicians have criticized the president‘s actions, remarking, for the most part, that they This encourages corruption in the country, However, during the morning conference on 23 November, The chief executive denies that the decree would impede the practice of transparency,

“It has nothing to do with transparency. Secretariat, we are all obliged to present the accounts (…) clarify that this is an agreement and we all have the firm belief to act with integrity, zero corruption ”, declared the Chief Executive Officer.

AMLO denies that the decree hinders the practice of transparency (Photo: GALO CAÑAS / CUARTOSCURO.COM)
AMLO denies that the decree hinders the practice of transparency (Photo: GALO CAÑAS / CUARTOSCURO.COM)

The President assured that the proposal is only “to streamline processes”, in this way, he explained, that works Cannot be stopped by bureaucratic procedures.

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“Who can give trust to institutions and companies so that the processes they have to do to get the job done are faster and that They are given time to submit all the documents”, he remarked.

On the other hand, last month, during his appearance before the Chamber of Deputies, the head of health secretary (In), George Alcosar, Recognized that there is a shortage of cancer drugs, a situation for which he attributed various factors, such as lack of availability of similar drugs, closure of borders and even reduction and suspension of flights.

Jorge Alcosar admits there is a drug shortage (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Jorge Alcosar admits there is a drug shortage (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

“There was a supply crunch in Mexico, (the company) Pisa monopolized the oncology market and even though there are current health records for oncology, Companies no longer manufactured or are in the process of cancellation“, Argument.

In view of this, in early November the Chief Executive ordered Alcocer, as well as the director of the Institute health for good (Insabee), Juan Ferrer, why, without any excuse, eliminate drug shortages all over the country.

,We will not calm down until there is an adequate supply of free medicines […] No more basic charts, all drugsIt is also the hardest to obtain. So the possibility of buying medicine opened up in the world. There is no excuse now and the corruption which used to be there is no longer accepted,” the chief executive said.

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