This is how Natasha Kloss reacted when she learned that Michelle Brown would be ‘her husband’ again in ‘Pacion de Gavillens 2’.

U.S.A.This is how Natasha Kloss reacted when she learned...

It is well known that the recording of the second season of Pasion de gavilanes has already begun and the librettos have already been defined; In fact, Natasha Kloss confirmed a few months earlier that the script had been vetted by talents who confirmed her participation, explaining that the idea follows a sequel in relation to those that aired in 2003 by Caracol Television. Was in soap opera.

Now, and with filming on board, the cast is practically confirmed, but there was one actor who was in ‘limbo’ as it was not known whether he was ruled out outright. It was about Michelle Brown, who played Franco Reyes in the first season. For the version to be released in 2022, there was uncertainty about his participation, as he could not be in the new installment due to other work commitments.

However, the same actor confirmed that he would again play the third brother, Reyes, so that Juan, Oscar and the couple they formed with Norma, Jimena and Sarah Elisondo respectively, would face each other again after 18 years.

It was a response to Natasha Kloss who was one of thousands celebrating Brown’s return, and she did so through her social networks, most notably on her Instagram profile, where she has informed her 1.5 million followers . All the details of the series.

Taking to the InstaStories section, ‘Saritha’ could not hide her happiness and sent a message to the fans of the series regarding the reinstatement of the Argentine cast.

“Since Mr. Michelle Brown has already told and was able to confirm that he is going to be in Passion de Gavilanes 2, I want to tell you now, finally, that I am happiest, you don’t know the lack- What makes me – my francoSaid Kaelena. Next, he reiterated the affection he felt for her, his character, and the love that both of them felt within the production.

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“I love you so much, I love you, I love you, you know how happy I am that we’re back together and you can’t imagine what happens to us,” The artist concluded.

Through a video, the actor reiterated his appearance at one of the much-awaited premieres of 2022.

“As you know, I couldn’t participate in the second season of Pasión de gavilanes because I’m about to film a series that intersects at the same time; but hey, based on several messages from you. But what we read with great love, we managed to sit down with Telemundo and find a place to do a special partnership that I have already read and which is impeccably written and well filmed”, It was Brown’s words that delighted thousands of fans of the production. Similarly, he said that “very soon” he will be with fellow filmmakers with whom he hasn’t worked for nearly 20 years.

Additionally, several actors in the series have announced that part of the story is filmed in the municipality of Vila de Leyva, located in the Department of Boyacá and an ideal location for its colonial landscape and cobbled streets. Continue the adventure played by the Kings and the Alisondo sisters.

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