“This is the second pandemic”: Adan Augusto Lopez admits to mistakes in ending violence against women

U.S.A."This is the second pandemic": Adan Augusto Lopez admits...

Aidan Augusto López assures that Segob works to address and eliminate the causes of gender violence (Photo: EFE / Raul Martinez)

Within the framework of this Thursday, November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, head of sInterior Secretary (Segob), Adam Augusto Lopez, acknowledged that the Mexican government‘s fight to eradicate the problem that affects more than 65 million women is pending.

Tabasco assured through a statement that within the administration led by the President Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) It is known that the most important functions are promote and protect human rights, especially in the rights of women and girls to lead a life free from violence.

Furthermore, he argued that the agency he heads They are committed to addressing and eliminating the causes that generate violence., as is inequality, social exclusion, poverty and discrimination in public places such as work and community as well as homes.

“There is still much to be done, every femicide and every aggression against women and girls affects and calls upon us; We are working to end impunity and guarantee women justice; We reiterate the commitment of the Mexican state to continue to act resolutely, efficiently and with conviction to combat the other pandemic, that is, violence against women. ,

Aidan Augusto López admits that eradicating gender violence is an issue in the AMLO administration (Photo: Government of Mexico)
Aidan Augusto López admits that eradicating gender violence is an issue in the AMLO administration (Photo: Government of Mexico)

On her own, the Chairperson of the National Institute of Women (Woman, Nadine Gasman Zilbermanreaffirmed that one of the priorities of the Fourth Transformation is to work in a sustainable manner and in coordination with the three powers and mandates to prevent and eradicate all forms of violence.

“(It is demanded) to stop counting the women who have been attacked, raped or murdered and therefore we categorize the efforts of all secretariats and agencies Stopping and keeping women at the center of policies”, he indicated in the Joint Bulletin of Dependence.

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He insisted that prevention must be accompanied by Education in equality for girls, boys and youth; work for him Transport and public places are safe places, as well as promoting women’s rights with information and training; to keep zero tolerance for violence and approval for fight impunity in all aspects of public life; And make sure economic autonomy So that they can face violence and come out of it.

“This is a collective effort to attack the structural causes of violence rooted in inequality.”

The head of Inmujeres assured that women are and will continue to be central to the government's policies (Photo: Twitter / @i_alaniis)
The head of Inmujeres assured that women are and will continue to be central to the government‘s policies (Photo: Twitter / @i_alaniis)

Finally, the head of the National Commission for the Prevention and Ending of Violence against Women (conavim, Fabiola Alanis Samano urged for immediate action to reverse the scenario where Violent death of women and girls is 10 cases in a day,

“Let us stop female-murder and female-murder by sending the message of zero impunity; Let us take a closer look at the ranks to guarantee a dignified and fulfilling life for the women and girls of the country, Let us arrive on time, respond to calls for help with empathy and read between the lines messages from girls and teens who are being harassed, harassed and sexually harassed and who fear Do not report from”, he insisted.

Regarding attention to one of the main factors driving attacks against women, such as the high level of impunity in crimes based on gender, the Mexican government, through Conavim, reported that Strategy for expansion of justice centers for women strengthenedTo provide comprehensive care and legal aid to the victims.

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