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JEREZPol Espargaro positive evaluation of the motor mounts, RC213V 2022 . Although there still needs to be improvements, the Repsol Honda racer believes his ride has great potential to compete in the world MotoGP Next season.

Espargaro did have to work hard to help develop the bike. Although he hasn’t tried many Honda 2022 motorcycles, the Spaniard can explain the difference between the new bike and the old bike. Although it is better overall, according to Espargaro, there are still things that need to be improved.

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Espargaro is actually quite satisfied with the performance produced on the rear tire. It’s just that, he did have to adjust to the motor.

“The new bike is good, but there is still a lot to be done. This bike has enormous potential. We already have more grip on the rear tyre, although we still have to adjust,” said Espargaro, quoted by Tutto Motori, Wednesday (11/24/2021).

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The 30-year-old racer admits that there are reasons for this, so that it is difficult for Honda. He had a hard time finding weaknesses in his bike, because it was well built.

It was very different when he was with KTM. At that time, he easily developed the motorbike, because he already knew what had to be done immediately. Now, he couldn’t do it.

“When I was riding the KTM, I was involved a lot in the beginning of the project because the bike didn’t work well. I then started to be able to corner better,” he said.

“With Honda, we don’t have many problems. However, the bike sometimes forces me to brake hard, and that gives me problems,” said Espargaro.


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