Wednesday, July 6, 2022

This weekend Milk Wine will take you out to play / become a foodie~

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ManhattanNinth Avenue InternationalPolitenessfestival return. 5/14-5/15, 9th Ave. at 42nd-57th St. The oldest and largest dining program is turning 50 years old. It’s hosted in Hell’s Kitchen, where gourmet restaurants come together. According to statistics, the 9th Avenue Food Festival receives more than one million diners every year. There are also many food stalls, and there is basically no need to queue. Visitors can eat food from all over South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. You can also buy various folk costumes and handicrafts on the site. On weekends you can eat all the local cuisine.

The fictional candy kingdom Candytopia is now on display in New York until the candy runs out. It is a lovely and dreamy world for a one of a kind sensory experience. The pavilion is near Keytown and consists of 17 rooms with different themes. Unlimited creativity, open mind. All the creatures seen here are made of candy, which is perfect for filming. Those dreamy photos are at your fingertips. Children under 4 are admitted free of charge and must be booked online in advance.

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New York Democrats plan to block Cuomo from using campaign funds

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