Those who have not been vaccinated will not be able to go to bars or shows during the holidays in Italy

WorldThose who have not been vaccinated will not be...

  • Prime Minister Mario Draghi confirms the measures are in place to protect the country from the progress of the coronavirus in Europe

new turn of mario dragio against not vaccinated, The Prime Minister of Italy made a new announcement this Wednesday batch of measurements This includes those who cannot enter, or enter the interior spaces of restaurants and bars from 6 December to 15 January or if they are in a medium or high risk area from now until further notice. parties, discos, sporting events, shows or public events, Until now it was allowed with obtaining a passport covid through a negative test Valid 48 (antigen) or 72 hours (PCR).

Draghi explained, it’s because there’s concern “Very dire situation in neighboring countries” and an epidemiological curve that shows an “A” in Italy slight but steady growth”, as well as the desire to foresee the threat of a limited Christmas in 2020. The president argued, “We don’t want to take the risk, we want to be very sensible.” It will be a normal Christmas for the vaccinated; he said, remembering the 133,000 people who died in Italy before the disease. have died, as well as the sudden economic blow that, last year, the pandemic inflicted on the country.

9 months validity of covid passport

Therefore, the Health Minister, Roberto Speranza, has also said that the approved measures also seem to have a validity of 12 to 9 months of COVID passports. Also, with the new package of rules, Italy starts compulsory vaccination (Already applicable to medical and health personnel) For military, law enforcement, public rescue teams, teachers and health sector administrative personnel. All of them should also implement the so called booster dose.

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In fact, the new decree specifically takes a hit against vaccination, an estimated minority of 7.6 million people living in Italy. Not only this, in addition to the measures already mentioned, it is also anticipated that the need for a COVID passport will start in India. Regional trains, local public transport and hotels. In these cases, however, the previous measures will apply, provided that a COVID passport can be obtained after completing the vaccination cycle, passing the disease, or receiving a negative test.

Italy thus decides to reinforce the borders, although at this time, pandemic is under control And the situation is very different from 2020. Just to name a few figures: in the last week of last year, the number of positives reached 743,000, which is almost 600,000 more than those registered in the same period of this year, thus the number as the same period The number of patients with UCIS in the U.S. has increased from 3,600 to 480.

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