“Three friends”: Qadri warns AMLO wants to “capture” SCJN

U.S.A."Three friends": Qadri warns AMLO wants to "capture" SCJN

Gabriel Quadri continues with relentless criticism of President López Obrador’s decisions (Photos: Facebook / Gabriel Quadri / Cuartoscuro)

Controversial federal deputy of the National Action Party (PAN), gabriel quadria De la Torre, true to his style, lashed out at the president again Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) Releasing some controversial messages on his Twitter account.

The former candidate for the presidency of the republic assures that the goal of the Mexican president is “Capture” the Supreme Court of the Nation (SCJN) In his power, this is why he sent “his friends” to the shortlist for the vacancy that the Senate would have to discuss.

“With the shortlist of my friends for the vacancy in the Supreme Court, Lopez prepares to capture her…”, he wrote this on Thursday, November 18.

Quadri assures that AMLO wants "Capture" A la SCJN (Photo: Twitter / @g_quadri)
Quadri assures AMLO wants to “capture” SCJN (Photo: Twitter / @g_quadri)

And it is worth remembering that in recent days the federal executive began to shortlist candidates who could occupy the position that Minister Fernando Franco would leave vacant. Applicants for the post are Bernardo Batiz Vazquez, Veronica de Geves Zarate And Loretta Ortiz Ahlfi,

They will appear in the Senate of the Republic next Friday, November 19, as a . is marked byArticle 95 of the Constitution Politics of the United Mexican States (CPEUM), announced by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Upper House, Olga Sanchez Corderos,

“Tomorrow they will appear before the Justice Commission of @senadomexicano, headed by @juliomenchaca_, to shortlist candidates to fill the vacancy of Minister Fernando Franco in @SCJN. Statement of Appearance in the Senate Gazette”

However, the criticism of the President-elect profile has become clear, as all three have shown close association with the current government, especially being part of the government. National Upliftment Movement (Morena) Or have already been a candidate in other shortlist.

The shortlisted members will appear in the Senate of the Republic tomorrow (Photos: Cuartocuro / Facebook / PT)
The shortlisted members will appear in the Senate of the Republic tomorrow (Photos: Cuartocuro / Facebook / PT)

However, this was not the only criticism that the pan politician resumed to this day. Question on power improvement plan, especially in relation to the impulse to produce fossil fuels.

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reiterating its presence at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, which is known as COP26, a former member of the now defunct New Alliance party, questioned whether The government of Mexico, presumably, is not going to comply with the agreement signed in recent days in Glasgow, Scotland.

He assured that with the changes due next year at the Congress of the Union, more emissions and more pollution would be implemented, while not having the necessary incentives to electrify the vehicle fleet.

“The government continues to waste treasury resources by subsidizing fossil fuels. This despite the fact that it promised to stop doing so in Glasgow. More emissions, more pollution, less incentive to electrify vehicle fleets, More profit to the richest”

The PAN deputy once again attacked investing in energy (Photo: Twitter / @g_quadri)
The PAN deputy once again attacked investing in energy (Photo: Twitter / @g_quadri)

In remarks that he launched in the past, in which he described the participation of the Mexican delegation in the UN program “really sorry“As Well Asa”diplomatic disaster,

“The Mexican government didn’t even have a flag, sent a very low level delegation“Without any agenda, without any specific agenda, without explicit content, without relevant material and without necessary preparation”, Qadri remarked in a video that was circulated through the social network.

Likewise, it condemned the failure of some government institutions to participate in the convention, including the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), Mexican oil (Pemex), National Forestry Commission (konaforNational Commission for Protected Natural Areas (Conanp) and the Ministry of Energy (Later) “It was a true diplomatic disaster for Mexico, but in the end, let’s hope the world moves on and, by 2024, Mexico can resume its leadership in climate matters to achieve a zero-carbon economy by 2050. ” Embroidery.

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