“Three Stripes” Common Point Adidas x GUCCI Joint Sales Next Month

Adidas x Gucci Joint Series New Lookbook. (Photo: Courtesy of Gucci)

In February this year, at Milan Autumn and Winter Fashion Week,gucciThe “Exclusive Gucci” show featured a joint series with Adidas, which immediately became the subject of a washout, which sparked much discussion in the follow-up shows. After three months, Gucci finally released the relevant lookbook photos, and announced the series’ official release date and single product details, so that long-awaited fans could finally be ready to buy.

Adidas x Gucci Multicolor Umbrella.  (Photo: Courtesy of Gucci)
Adidas x Gucci Multicolor Umbrella. (Photo: Courtesy of Gucci)

Adidas x Gucci GG Jacquard Shoulder Bag.  (Photo: Courtesy of Gucci)
Adidas x Gucci GG Jacquard Shoulder Bag. (Photo: Courtesy of Gucci)

When it comes to two brands at first glance, they don’t think of anything alike. One main trend is movement.dress, is representative of a century old boutique. But in fact, if you think about it carefully, “three stripes” has become the common point of the two brands. Adidas’ white three stripes are the iconic design element, while Gucci has green, red, green, blue, red and blue webbing. The joint cooperation between the two sides is also based on this idea. For example, sports pants in a variety of fabrics have white three-stripes on one side and green, red and green webbing on the other. Contrasting treatment adds uniqueness. Persona.

In addition, Adidas’s Clover logo and GUCCI GG monogram are also new fusions into vintage flowers and other classic patterns, turning into multi-copy flowers and appearing on single products such as folded long skirts and sports jackets. Others include travel bags, handbags, backpacks, etc. printed with the logos of the two brands. The use of details such as color and printing of the sneakers also perfectly showcases the characteristics of the two brands. In addition, there are silk scarves, headscarves, hats, etc. The item can be called very rich, and the price range is also very wide. The cheapest items are socks, and the most expensive are travel bags.

The Adidas x GUCCI Combined Series will be officially released on June 7.

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