Tianho’s boyfriend filmed an intimate scene with Taylor Swift, leaving her embarrassed

“Chat Record” describes a complex relationship of 3 women and 1 man. Image/Provided by Catchplay

The new album “Chat Records” produced by the production team of the play “Normal People” will be available exclusively on the CATCHPLAY+ audio-visual platform on 16th May. In the latest Chinese trailer, the four characters exchange fuzzy eyes and suggestive looks. The lines depict the complex relationship between three women and one man, mixed with friendship, love, and marriage. The queen girlfriend of heroine Joe Owen, Taylor Swift, also came to attend the class.

“Billy Lynn’s Midfield Battle”UKMarried actor Nick, played by actor Joe Owen, can’t help but be attracted to Francis, a college girl played by rookie actor Alison Oliver. Like a peaceful marriage. Regarding the possibility of discussing an open relationship in the drama, Qiao Owen shared his views, and rarely disclosed the family’s relationship status which was kept secret. He said: “The most interesting part of this story is to explore the relationship between the two. Two outside the framework of happiness, love, desire, and the potential for intimacy. I think everyone can do what makes them happy. But obviously I’m a very content person, and being open is exhausting.”

Joe Owen is in a low-key relationship with pop star, Swift, and most recently, when he was promoting a new album, “Chat Records,” which explores modern people’s views on love, he helped. Couldn’t but was asked about her relationship status. In the film, beloved newcomer Alison Oliver, who has a lot of intimate rivalry scenes with Joe Owen, revealed that when intimate scenes are filmed, Swift is in a relationship with her. Will come to visit the scene, and she herself has always been a loyal fan. Swift’s. Meeting an idol for the first time was such an embarrassing situation, she said: “But she totally understands it’s just part of the job, so there’s no pimple.” And Qiao Owen also said: “He’s been seennovelI love it too, so she knows the material, she supports and waits for the album to air. ,

The “Chat Log” describes how Frances and Poppy maintained their friendship after breaking up. While reading a poem, they met Nick and Melissa, a fashionable yet charming couple. Two groups of people entered each other’s worlds, and in each chat record challenging intimacy, complex relationships gradually developed between the four people.

Joe Owen (left) and young actor Alison Oliver (right)
Joe Owen (left) and young actor Alison Oliver (right) develop an underground romance in “Chat Log”. Image/Provided by Catchplay

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