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Tiffany Su and Qiu Zi’s wedding date revealed after 3 years of marriage

tiffany suAndQiu ZiThe marriage is about to enter its third anniversary. Taking advantage of the rare Lunar New Year reunion to shine, I shared beautiful cross-dressing photos with my relatives and friends on IG early in the morning. The character I chose is Clint. I specially put on a bald hood and joked that I am the “hottest Clint”. Netizens left comments and praised, “I was so cute this morning”, “Absolutely the hottest in the field of bald modeling.” , “How are you” Do you have the skills to do it?zhao weia feeling of “

Qiu Zi, who transformed into Saiyan Son Wukong, put on a golden wig and took a rare sweet selfie with Tiffany Hsu. The heartwarming moment without any props left fans expressing their joy. Other cosplayers include Zorro, Mario, and many other characters. Netizens claimed that “you two are a perfect couple”.

The two had their marriage registered for more than two years. Since they were both busy with work, they decided to focus on work first after discussing it with Qiu Zi last year. Taking into account the preparation process and the weather, the wedding will be scheduled for this fall. As far as format goes, he has hundreds of ideas. “But in the end, we can still choose the best and most convenient way. After all, there are elderly people at home, and it is not convenient to carry them too far.”

Tiffany Su (front row, left) and her husband Qiu Zi (back row, right) reunited with their family after wearing disguises. (Taken from IG)

Tiffany Sue put a hat on her bald head and joked that she
Tiffany Sue put a hat on her bald head and joked that she was “the hottest Colin.” (Taken from IG)



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