Tips and trends for Christmas decorations this year

U.S.A.Tips and trends for Christmas decorations this year

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The Christmas season is approaching and, although many people have not let Halloween begin decorating, there are still many people who are still wondering how they are going to decorate their homes. Sometimes a brushing of jewelry reveals that there are some things that we have been keeping for years. And that, perhaps, they are no longer in good condition or in trend, because every year there are new popular colors and decorations.

According to decoration trend portals, an expert consulted by Pinterest and El Heraldo Trend Editions, Red and green will always be ideal for these dates, but this year also highlights the golden decor and rustic style giving the home more warmth. what’s more gray and yellow, Named by Pantone as the Color of the Year, they also enter the scene.

Regarding the decor, Stars continues to prevail, so only one of these should not be on trees and, in this sense, with decorations to give more warm light to homes Candle It is also found inside homes.

In addition, taking care of the environment is also an important factor, so Decorations made from materials such as recycled cardboard, paper, or plastic This will always be an important addition. These are also trending vegetable wreath, which look great on doors, chairs, stairs and even as a centerpiece.

Christmas tree branch on wooden table against fireplace background, space for lessons, Christmas concept, Christmas toys and dim lights
Christmas tree branch on wooden table against fireplace background, space for lessons, Christmas concept, Christmas toys and dim lights

As for gifts, it will always be a plus that they are wrapped in an eco-friendly way, there were times when it was fashionable to wrap with newspaper, which is retained in some homes; Even then, This year wrapping paper with polka dots will be in trend.

But, before even thinking about decorating, there is one factor that many people overlook: safety when decorating. Few household accidents are avoided and, as Colombian homes have more cables, lights and connections, it is also important to consider how to prevent an emergency from arising in your home.

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In Colombia, the end of the year is always synonymous with cleaning, repairing and refurbishing homes, within the tradition of many Colombians changing the appearance and appliances or furniture to start a new year with a new approach. Others also take advantage of December to invest in a new Christmas tree, new lights and other decorations.

In the efficient use of energy in homes, some experts emphasize that, It’s important to do a thorough electrical test before starting Christmas decorations. In the home, in fact, they tell Schneider Electric that, ideally, every home should have a trusted electrician who conducts annual reviews.

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For example, it would be ideal if the condition of Outlets, switches and other facilities installed Before adding new lights, as they can sometimes burn out or fail that needs to be replaced. In the same way, it also works logically to keep in mind How many connection points do you have in your home and how much power will you need to use the holiday lights?

There are other important points when finishing decorations that indicate safety, such as expose the stars, This is both an aesthetic and care error, as it would be best if they were hidden in plastic gutters, ties, and adhesive bases.

And, finally, for these dates, it is very common to use multi-sockets in homes, thus guaranteeing the illumination of trees, windows and other places; Even then, Overloading multi-sockets can also lead to power surgesSo it is better not to overdo it.

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