Tixi, the Siberian people who won’t see the sun again until next year

WorldTixi, the Siberian people who won't see the sun...

  • Residents of Russia’s northernmost port along the Sea of ​​Laptev in the Arctic of Yakutia (Siberia) will see no electricity again for 65 days on January 24

The people of Tiksi in Siberia have already said goodbye to the sun until next year. by 24 january, Specific. And that we are on November 20th. But the same thing happens every year in this city, Russia‘s northernmost port on the Laptev Sea, in the Yakutian Arctic.

The sun sets and the polar night arrives. Will happen 65 days, more than two months without seeing a single ray,

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This is exactly what he recalled with a brilliant video on his Twitter account ‘The Siberian Times’ as he uses a drone to take a panoramic view of the utterly snowy Tixi (the average temperature in November is minus 22 degrees Celsius). is down), while it is the vanishing sun

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It will be an almost eternal ‘good night’.

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