To eliminate NBA/War Criminals, Harden calls on 76ers to stay

The 76ers returned to the home court on the 13th. Although they were still only 1 point behind the Heat who had drawn cards after the first half, the offense ended in the third quarter, especially as lead scorer Harden had not scored a point. In the second half yes, finally, the 76ers were eliminated 4 times, 90:99, in the last 5 years.playoffsStopped the second round.

Having traded the 76ers to Harden before the trade deadline this year, he was expected to rely on his pairing with Embiid to advance to, or even advance to, the division championship game. Will be done. However, since his arrival in the ’76s, Harden’s aggressive intentions have been discussed several times. Yesterday when the team was in a disappointing elimination position, Harden made only two shots in the second half and none of them came under criticism.

Embioid, who scored 20 points and 12 rebounds, also called on his teammates, including Harden, to play more aggressively after the game, saying, “Ever since he’s here, everybody wants him to play like the Rockets. Harden.” But he’s not like that. Now Harden, he’s more of a playwright, and I sometimes expect him to be more aggressive than everyone else including Harris, Maxi, or the rest of the bench. Yes.”

Despite the criticism, Harden also insisted that he would still exercise a player option worth more than $47 million next season and do his best to help the 76ers improve. Asked if he would be willing to pay less to help strengthen the team, he said: “Whatever it is, I want us to keep growing and win games or maintain a high standard of what we do.” Do what is necessary. Competitiveness.”

For the winning heat, they made it to the Conference Finals again after one season. Butler, who scored 32 points yesterday, became the second player in Heat’s history to score more than 30 points in four consecutive playoff games. “He’s a great competitor, and he’s the ultimate example of a professional player in that regard,” said head coach Spoelstra.

Regarding the elimination of the former club 76ers, Butler stated that he and Embiid still maintain a brotherly relationship, and even thought the two would become long-time teammates, but unfortunately It didn’t come true in the end, “I don’t have to complain, I love it. Being in Miami, I’m here for a reason, and now we’re going to ride the waves and go to the championship.” Will work hard.”


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To eliminate NBA/War Criminals, Harden calls on 76ers to stay

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