“Today I Don’t Want To Think About Her”: Kimberly Reyes To Party After The Robbery She Was Victim

U.S.A."Today I Don't Want To Think About Her": Kimberly...

Kimberly Reyes. Photo: Instagram @kimberlyreyesh (Photo: Instagram @kimberlyreyesh/)

Thursday, November 25 Aida Victoria Merlano (influencer) Told in her Instagram stories that she was with Kimberly Reyes (Actress) And he insisted: “Look who am I going to mess with … I have some sharp questions, will he finally dare to answer them? Let the people do them “.

About three or four hours after they appeared together, the Barranquilla influencer again communicated – via their Instagram stories – that the actress and her husband, Federico Severini (businessman), were robbed, the scene right before Victoria’s eyes. Came and it happened in Barranquilla. ,

,Insecurity is rising, they rob Federico and Kimberly in my face, I left them at the door of the building and those who are getting off the truck and He immediately gets on the motorcycle and points at Federico and removes the chain, the backpack. Then Kimberly ran away, I guess on my nerves, that guy chased her And if it’s not because the security guy on the corner fires a few shots, that guy won’t leave,” Merlano recalled.

Subsequently, among comments on the matter, which Aida began to reach out to Victoria Merlano, she herself highlighted one in particular, stating that “she is being followed from the airport, a new way”, immediately. Barranquilla showed that the thieves were very clear about the articles they would steal, meaning they were clearly tracking celebrities.

“It is clear, the bike appeared out of nowhere, literally jumped as they were going. Also Kimberly had a long-sleeved shirt and the man immediately goes and says: – Give me the watch – Not even the phone,

What did Kimberly Reyes say about the robbery?:

However, information about all the stolen items and their value has not been given. The actress realized that, at least for Thursday, she wanted to clear her mind of what had happened.

“To all who wrote to us, thank God we are healthy and well! Tomorrow I will tell you, today I wanted to forget this incident for the moment,” he wrote in his Instagram Stories.

Kimberly Reyes Instagram Stories.  Photo: @kimberlyreyesh
Kimberly Reyes Instagram Stories. Photo: @kimberlyreyesh (Photo: @kimberlyreyesh /)

The party Kimberly Reyes attended after the robbery she was the victim of:

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Leaving the history of the robbery aside for a moment, on the same Thursday Merlano went to the opening of the restaurant baptized under the name Occio – also in Barranquilla – there he again saw his countryman and friend: Kimberly Reyes, in addition to Federico Severini . “Do you think she is posing? This mom is like this all day, I hate her, they scared her this afternoon and the royal mom”, commented the influencer.

For his part, Reyes — who focused on enjoying his visit to the restaurant’s opening above — commented from the space that this Friday he’ll expand on information about what happened with the robbery. ,Well beauties, we are not going to talk about bitter drinks, Let’s talk about refreshing and relaxing lemonade right now, tomorrow I’ll tell you this Bololo… Today I don’t want to think about that, today we went to dinner, we went to the launch of a super cool restaurant,

Kimberly Reyes and Aida Victoria Merlano.  Photo: @kimberlyreyesh
Kimberly Reyes and Aida Victoria Merlano. Photo: @kimberlyreyesh (Photo: @kimberlyreyesh /)

When did Kimberly Reyes and Federico Severini get married?:

Initially, the actress and businessman were united in a civil marriage in 2016. However, they later wanted to seal their marriage to Catholics as well. Thus, in 2018 they got married in Cartagena.

A bit of Kimberly Reyes’ television career:

Barranquillara has gone down two career paths in the entertainment industry: acting and presenting. In the first place, she has included her talent as an actress in: ‘El Jo, Leenda’ (2011), ‘Diomedes, El Cacique de la Junta’ (2014), ‘When You Live with Me’ ( 2016), “Loquito por ti” (2018) and, of course, “Without Breasts, There Is Heaven” series are not to be missed.

In addition, he has contributed his skills as a presenter to shows such as ‘El Lavadero’.

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