Tom Tom Reveals His Old Comrade Fang Jimo’s “Defender Warrior 2” Returns Insider Exposure

Tom Cruise’s ‘Defender: The Lone Ranger’, which has been working for several years, will be released. (Picture: Provided by UIP)

Tom CruiseStarring “Defender: The Lone Ranger” is about to be released. After the last premiere, the reviews were great. The media and audience praised it as “better than the first episode in almost every aspect”. Recently, the famous game productions of “Metal Gear Solid” and “Death Stranding” Hideo Kojima also came recently and saw the filmMoviesAnd after watching it, he also said about it, “This movie is amazing, I will watch it thrice, thank youminor soldierAnd now I’m full of energy again.”

Although Hideo Kojima is a game producer, he personally loves movies. He once praised Hollywood movies like “Dune” and “Spider-Man: New Universe” on his Twitter. After shouting “Great” and “I like it” many times it can be seen that he is quite excited.

It took Tom 36 years to launch “Defender Warrior 2”. He has also been actively carrying out promotional activities recently. In an interview with “ET Online”, he mentioned that his longtime partner, Fang, was suffering from chemo throat cancer. Still actively lobbying the old partner to return to the best condition possible to maintain his health, “Since the first episode, I tried really hard to find him back to make this movie “He’s a really talented actor, when you’ll know when you’ve officially seen the movie, he’s so good, really great.”

Renowned game producer Hideo Kojima
Renowned game producer Hideo Kojima has watched “Defender Warrior: The Lone Ranger” and is excited to watch it three times. (courtesy from twitter)

Tom Cruise's
Tom Cruise’s “Defender: The Lone Ranger”, which has been in the works for several years, is one of the most-watched blockbusters this year. (Picture: Provided by UIP)

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