Tomas Angulo accepts Giuliana Rengifo’s apology and will no longer sue him

U.S.A.Tomas Angulo accepts Giuliana Rengifo's apology and will no...

Tomas Angulo will no longer sue Giuliana Rengifo. (Photo: Instagram)

Later Giuliana Rengifo decided to apologize to psychologist Tomas Angulo, the doctor told that he would no longer sue her. as you remember, singer indicated that he felt disturbed by her when he was her patient.

Cambiambara insisted that the professional wanted to go overboard with him, or at least he considered it that way.

“For me he is not a doctor or a psychologist. I did therapy with him when I separated from my first husband and the man was not professional with me, I think he wanted to pursue therapy and so I left “Giuliana pointed at the time.

However, it didn’t take long for the singer to back down and apologize to Tomas Angulo after the threat of trial.

Seeing this, the therapist did not hesitate to accept the apology and indicated that I was going to sue him for 20 lakh soles for compensation for serious defamation, In addition, he was requesting two years‘ imprisonment.

“We were about to execute the demand of 20 lakh soles for felony defamation, we had already gathered all the evidence” Angulo pointed.

Apologies to Giuliana Rengifo

The cumbia singer apologized to Tomas Angulo through this statement:

“In recent days, in the face of some statements, which I made spontaneously and transparently during an interview on the show program” Amor y Fuego ” on the Villax TV channel, it has been incorrectly conducted, in various press media , that I have confirmed that I was harassed by Mr. Tomas Angulo Mendoza while I was receiving psychological therapy.

About this, Let me clarify that I have never claimed that I had experienced any harassment from the indicated professional or went too far during the referred psychological therapy sessions that he gave me., In the indicated interview I limited myself to commenting on the personal perception that I had, that is, a sense of my inner environment, absolutely subjective, but which It was never intended to affect the honor and reputation of psychologist Angulo Mendoza, who never expressed any act or objection that abuses the trust placed in him as a person and professional, for which I I categorically deny. Victim of any harassment on your part.

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With this communication, which I make public because I am unable to send a response letter directly to the notary letter sent by Mr. Tomas Angulo Mendoza, given that I am working abroad, I feel any confusion arising out of my words has been cleared, I apologize to those who may have felt affected by them”.

Released by Giuliana Rengifo.  (Photo: Instagram/@giulianarengifo)
Released by Giuliana Rengifo. (Photo: Instagram/@giulianarengifo)

Threatening to complain to Tomas Algulo

Tomas Angulo reveals via his Instagram account that he will criminally sue Giuliana Rengifo for defamation, let’s say “He respects his patients and wants to create a safe space for them”,

“You lied nationally, you tarnished my name and now I’m going to sue you for defamation. You can’t go out and lie on the pretext that you want to sell your album. Scams have always given ratings.” “They always grow business, but you’re not going to scam me at my expense. Get ready because I’m going to sue you.”The doctor said at that time.

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