Tomas Angulo explains why he didn’t sue Giuliana Rengifo: “He didn’t have money to pay”

U.S.A.Tomas Angulo explains why he didn't sue Giuliana Rengifo:...

The doctor explained the reason why he did not sue Giuliana Rengifo. (Photo: Instagram)

Thomas Angulo was on the set of Magali Medina To talk about Giuliana Rengifo’s public apology, the singer implied in Amor y Fuego that she had been harassed by the therapist years ago.

As it is recalled, after these stern statements, the author even sent a notarized letter to Rengifo, demanding that he be withdrawn. He also warned him that he would sue him for 2 million soles, as his reputation as a professional was affected.

Now that Giuliana has publicly apologized to him via a press release, stating that he never accused her of stalking, Angulo explained on the set of Magali TV, La Firme, that he had committed the offense of defamation. Why did you decide not to continue with the trial?

,First, I didn’t sue him because I think he didn’t have money to pay (2 million soles). Number two, because he backed off at the end and, the truth is, I said ‘he did, it serves as a lesson’. For a person to invent a lie, it must be mild, misguided or poorly advised”He told the journalist.

Furthermore, Angulo assured that he never sent signals to Giuliana Rengifo at the Magali event, as he was completely unaware of his alleged affair with Alfredo Zambrano years earlier.

“They thought you (Magali) and I had agreed to give hints. I didn’t even know the woman was talking about other things at the second show. When we talked about kisses, it was We talked about young people (Patricio Parody and Luciana Fuster)”, He mentioned.

“And when we talked about snacks and spare tires, it was some men drawing or drawing…”she added.

As for the Doctor, Rengifo would have been poorly advised by a third person, who would have indirectly recommended attacking the ‘Urraka’ for the sake of attacking him, thinking he would never come to trial.

“That is why I also withdrew the case, so that it can serve as a precedent. No one can play with my reputation, for this I have worked so hard. I have the right to be an excellent professional (…) I have a way to reach out to the masses, why do you think I’ve been on television for 17 years? It was a very serious allegation.”, he sentenced.

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Apologies to Giuliana Rengifo

On the afternoon of Wednesday, 24 November, the interpreter of ‘Corazón’ cited statements made in Amor y Fuego, where she mentioned that she felt intimidated by the author’s appearance and behavior during therapy sessions.

Obviously, Giuliana would not have proof of these allegations, So he was in charge of making it clear that his words were “subjective” and Tomas Angulo never hinted at that, as he had pointed out a few days earlier.

“In recent days, in the face of certain statements that I made spontaneously and transparently during an interview, it has been wrongly maintained in various press media that I have confirmed that I was harassed by Mr. Tomas Angulo Mendoza. while he was receiving psychological therapy.”, reads his statement.

“In this regard, I should clarify that I never claimed to have experienced any harassment from the indicated professional, or that I went too far during the referral psychological therapy sessions he gave me.,Giuliana added.

“In the interview I limited myself to commenting on my personal perception, which is a sense of my own inner environment, Absolutely subjective, but never intended to affect the honor and reputation of the psychologistwho has never expressed any act or objection which abuses the trust placed in him as a person and as a professional, for which I expressly refuse to be a victim of harassment on his part.”he explained.

Finally, Giuliana Rengifo ends her statement by remembering that she is working in Europe and because of this, she cannot apologize directly to the therapist.

“With this statement, which I make public because I am unable to send a response letter directly to the notary letter sent by Mr. Tomas Angulo Mendoza, given that I am working abroad, I consider any confusion I am the one who can be born from my words, Offering an apology to those who may have felt affected by it,, Finished.

Released by Giuliana Rengifo.  (Photo: Instagram/@giulianarengifo)
Released by Giuliana Rengifo. (Photo: Instagram/@giulianarengifo)

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