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Total solar eclipse canceled, 6 inmates file suit in New York jail for violation of religious rights

Washington PostAccording to reports, North America is going to welcome the astronomical view of a total solar eclipse on April 8 local time. The last total solar eclipse in the United States occurred 7 years ago. This is the second time this scene has been seen in New York in the last century. However, a correctional institution in New York canceled the event due to concerns about riots. During a break that day, six prisoners accused him of depriving them of their constitutional right to faith.

Woodbourne Correctional Facility in New York has canceled outdoor outing hours from 2 pm to 5 pm on April 8 due to security reasons. All prisoners must remain in their cells, and all visiting activities for the day have also been canceled on the grounds that “to avoid the visitor being stuck on the road, there was a traffic jam.”

In response, six inmates filed a class action lawsuit in federal court in Upstate New York on March 29, accusing prison officials of preventing inmates from participating in religious activities and violating the right of belief guaranteed by the Constitution.

The six people include Christians, Muslims, Santeria believers and atheists. Some people believe that a total solar eclipse is important to their own beliefs. The Bible describes the scene when the Sun went dark during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and Muslims will hold special prayers during a solar eclipse. Furthermore, in the Santería faith, spiritual sacrifices are very important…

The last solar eclipse in the United States occurred 7 years ago, and the next one will have to wait until 2044, butthe prisonAuthorities stated that the solar eclipse is not a religious holy day and refused to allow prisoners to view it outside.

Thomas Meli, a correctional institution spokesman, said the institution does not comment on pending litigation, but that it is reviewing eclipse viewing requirements considering all faith requests.

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