Tribute to Luis Advincula and Diego Maradona in Boca Juniors vs Boca Juniors. Independent

U.S.A.Tribute to Luis Advincula and Diego Maradona in Boca...

Boca Juniors by Luis Advincula meets The Independent for Matchday 22 of the Argentine League.

match between Boca Juniors I Independent was a tribute Diego Maradona, Hours before November 25 in Argentina, players from both teams along with the referees of the match gathered in the middle of the grounds of the Libertadores de América stadium to commemorate the year of the death of the greatest soccer idol.

louis advincula That he restarted the set with ‘Zenies’ was part of the expansion towards ‘Pelusa’. Footballers from two Argentine clubs scored a number ’10’ in the midfield circle while the pitch was being drawn between the captains. Everyone present in the sports complex applauded for a few minutes before the opening whistle.

Boca would not have a favorable result due to the fact that it fell on the minimum gap trip against the ‘Red Devils’ with a goal from Carlos Benavidez in the 20 minutes of the duel. With this, under whose leadership Sebastian Battaglia They remain in fifth place with 36 points.

‘Lightning’ error in target

louis advincula was involved in the first goal Tonight at the Libertadores de America Stadium, in a duel Boca Juniors and free for the 27th match of the Argentine Professional League. right side of Peru team He failed in the concept that all defenders should be on the stalled ball.

The 19th minute of the match passed when Alan Velasco of Argentina took a corner kick, which was half-cleared. The rebound was omitted for a red-painted steering wheel, which happened again for Allen. Touch that head to the ball again to get closer to the corner, ‘Ray’ delayed leaving and allowed the pass to be valid, Peru was hooked.

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In the second center, with all defenders in the ‘Zeniz’ box distracted, the goal came from the head of Uruguay’s Carlos Benavidez, who scored his first goal of the tournament. In a replay of the play, commentators shed light on the Peruvian’s evil action.

next match

Boca Juniors will receive newells Next Sunday, November 28 at 7:30 pm (Peruvian time) in La Bombonera. The three points against the ‘leper’ come from adding up Central Cordoban With a goal from Maximiliano Rodriguez and thus they moved away from the last positions. For their part, the ‘Azul y Oro’ home team has become very strong in Argentina’s first division, having lost only one in their last five doubles.

case maradona

‘The Cosmic Kite’ died a year ago and the cause of his death is not yet clear. Seven health professionals have been charged with alleged murder because, according to an Interdisciplinary Medical Board report, Maradona could not receive adequate care of a high-risk patient with a body punished by addiction to drugs and alcohol. In the book “Diego’s Health”, journalist and doctor Nelson Castro reports that Argentine ’10’ was buried without a heart, apparently to preserve a fundamental evidence in the investigation into his death.

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