Trump criticizes Kathy Barnett over Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary boom

According to two people familiar with the subject who spoke on condition of anonymity, his ascension to seeing the Pennsylvania campaign came as a surprise to many – including Mr. Trump, five weeks ago. He was never taken seriously until he declared his support for Oz. Consider supporting him. No right to discuss personal conversations.

However, Ms Barnett’s candidacy was taken seriously by the Growth Club, which backed her on Wednesday and announced a $ 2 million TV ad in support of her. 2016 Tweets It said then-President Barack Obama was a Muslim. (Mr Trump repeatedly questioned Mr Obama’s beliefs and questioned whether he was a Muslim.)

Another indication of the power of Ms Barnett’s boom: Mr Trump’s criticism of her record led to her success. This is Mr. This is in stark contrast to the policy of repeatedly attacking McCormick.

“A lot of things in her past have not been properly explained or reviewed, but if she could do that, she would have a great future in the Republican Party – and I will always be,” Trump said in a statement. Stay with her. “Be behind …”

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