Friday, August 5, 2022

Trump endorses candidate to win Asian Republican primaries, or targets for 2024 primaries

Former Fox News anchor Carrie. Former US President Kari Lake bid farewell to journalist’s careertrumpArizona’s governor appointedRepublicanThe primary candidate, and supported by staunch supporters of Trump, ultimately won the party’s primary.

Laker defeated former Vice President Pence-backed candidate Karin Pence in the first. Tailor. Robson, a possible Republican primary indicator for the 2024 election, shows that Trump still has influence in the party. Other Trump-backed candidates have also won the party’s primary, and all support the 2020 election fraud theory If they win in Novembermid term electionVictory in an important battlefield in the election will take power.

“The people of Asia, long forgotten by power, have just experienced a political earthquake,” Lake said in a statement after his primary victory.

Republicans are now in a midterm sprint, with a group of candidates close to Trump denying Biden a legitimate presidency. In November’s election, Lake will contest against Democratic Secretary of State Katie Katie. Katie Hobbs.

“This gubernatorial battle isn’t about Democrats and Republicans, it’s about purity and chaos,” Hobbs said of Lake’s victory late Thursday.

Trump-backed candidates have made gains in the party primaries. Lake won the gubernatorial primary in a state that has been at the center of reversing the 2020 election results and questioning Biden’s victory. Trump-backed candidates for senators, secretary of state, attorney general, House of Representatives and state legislators have all won primary elections.

If they win this November’s election, Trump allies will take power in key electoral battleground states as Trump considers running for the 2024 presidential election again. Primary results also show that Trump remains in power in the Republican Party, and that Trump’s staunch supporters in the party are more courageous about returning to power before the next election.

However, after a very tight primary, Lake is now faced with the challenge of unifying the Republican Party. He tried to reach Robson and other Republicans whom he criticized for disagreeing with Trump on key issues (RINO).

Coughlin, a longtime GOP strategist, said the GOP is heading into Asia as a divided party in the mid-term and needs to attract independent voters who will decide the outcome of the close race. Coughlin left the Republican Party during the Trump administration. “I think there’s going to be a challenge for Republicans: How are they going to talk to voters who aren’t Republicans?” he said.


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