Tulio Gomez and Other Entrepreneurs Who Will Replace LA 14 Stores in Calico

U.S.A.Tulio Gomez and Other Entrepreneurs Who Will Replace LA...

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not only Tulio Gómez, owner of the Americas de Cali team, took over some of the headquarters of Almación La 14 in the capital of Valle del Cauca, Other organizations such as the Family Compensation Fund, Vacation Center and more helped with the relief that Valladolid’s coveted company needed in order not to disappear.

Some of the companies collaborating to prevent the restructuring of supermarket chains were disclosed by regional newspapers. Country De Cali, who assured that Comfundi, the famous family compensation fund in Cali, Leased one of the LA 14 stores in the eastern part of the city, specifically in the Los Cristales neighborhood.

In addition, La 14’s older competition, the Canaveral Store, will also rent two points of La 14. According to Country, One of them will be south of Cali, Located in the Centenario shopping center in the east of the city, in Panes and another.

Similarly, La 14’s financial sources assure the Valle del Cauca newspaper that not only do Colombian companies cooperate with financial losses, But there is also foreign interest in investing in these coveted and remembered stores of one of the largest and most useful departments in Colombia.

it will be about jumbo, That it was a direct qualification of La 14 and that it is a native of Chile, would also participate in this process of restructuring the company. At least that’s how the company’s liquidator Felipe Negret confirmed them.

Let’s remember that the five subsidiaries of LA14 that will be acquired by America‘s leader will be Sixth Avenue, Pasoncho Avenue, Cosmocentro Shopping Center, Calima Shopping Center And the other is in Perera city.

In an interview with that medium, Tulio Gómez assured that, “For us Proud to continue Mr Jaime Cardona’s legacyDon’t let the brand die. We bet on the sector, supermarkets, ‘retail’, that has always been our business”, he said.

New shopping center in Cali and another store in Bogot

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The matter will change in Bogota as well; For example, with the arrival of Ikea stores in the Mallplaza shopping center in Bogota, although it is believed that it will arrive at the beginning of another year, there are no established dates or definite plans.

It should not be forgotten that this chain of shopping centers acquired the Calima shopping center on Avenida NQS in the capital and also has 3 other locations in Barranquilla, Manizales and Cartagena and now, the Board of Directors, headed by Mauricio Mendoza, Confirmed for Economic Journal briefcase That would probably be one of those commercial associations in Cali, Vale.

FILE PHOTO: The company logo is seen outside an IKEA Group store in Saint-Herblain, near Nantes, France, March 22, 2021.  Reuters/Stephen Mahe/File photo
FILE PHOTO: The company logo is seen outside an IKEA Group store in Saint-Herblain, near Nantes, France, March 22, 2021. Reuters/Stephen Mahe/File photo

,We will have the market as we have in Barranquilla and it works out very well”, The manager told the media, who highlighted the infrastructure and other components of Ikea and Mall Plaza and gave details of what the store would be like in the capital.

Bogotá store, according to Mendoza “It will be the first in the country, measuring 13,000 square meters, and it will contribute a lot, it will be a very winning concept”, Expressing, highlighting:

“Everything is according to plan. We are optimizing the space and by the end of this year we should give them the store so that they can make the internal adjustments. Which takes about a year. These are not short times, but so far everything is working”, he said.

In addition, he assured that the shopping centers he runs will focus on issues that others do not, such as citizens being able to take their pets to the food court without any problems.

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