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Twitter is November 23, US time, so that tweets will not disappear while users are readingUpdate iOS appAnnounced that it was done. The change comes after social media giant the company recently updated its web platform to prevent new tweets from automatically updating the timeline. Twitter has admitted that it was a source of frustration for users, as the tweets they were reading often disappeared when the user’s timeline was automatically updated.

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“In the iOS version, we’ve made some updates to prevent the tweets from disappearing while you’re reading. Even if you pause the scroll of the timeline to see the tweets, they will remain there. I did! “TwitterExplains in a tweet.

Twitter announced in September that it would change the way tweets are displayed so that they don’t disappear while users are reading them. This update is currently being applied to Twitter’s web (browser) and iOS platforms. According to TwitterEven on AndroidIt is said that it is working on changing the tweet so that it will not disappear, but it is unknown when this update will be released.

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In addition, Twitter recently announced that it will not automatically crop image previews for the web after introducing full-size image previews for mobile in the first half of 2021. On the web version of Twitter, images are displayed in full size without being cropped. This allows you to see the same image as when you shot it, without worrying about how the image will appear on the timeline. Twitter was testing this change in March for some iOS and Android users.

These tweaks are made by Twitter to enhance its platform and make the service more accessible. Recently, the company has introduced the ability for users to share a direct link to their Spaces so that other users can join a live audio session on the web without logging in to Twitter. In addition, we have introduced an in-app money transfer function for all Android users over the age of 18.

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