Two killed and 60 injured in border dispute in Peru

WorldTwo killed and 60 injured in border dispute in...

  • An attempt was made to resolve the conflict between the mining districts with a meeting, but it ended in a violent confrontation.

a conflict over borderline differences Among the districts devoted to artisanal mining in the South Andean region of Apurimac in southeastern Peru, On Wednesday, two people died and around 60 were injured., as reported by the regional authorities. Residents of the districts of Sabano, Virundo and Huaquira, in the provinces of Grau and Antabamba, became involved in a violent confrontation following the failure of a meeting to resolve their border problems, RPP Noticias reports.

The regional director of health, Isnel Ramos, informed the radio station that the injured, including five policemen, had been treated for injuries from firearms and blows the day before. “Once they became aware of these social struggles, the health workers have come to the point which need attention. There are 27 patients who have been treated at Antamba Hospital. Of these, three have They have been fired with bullets. He, a child below 15 years of age,” said the doctor. Similarly, at the Gru Health Centre, other cases of multiple trauma were treated, adding 61 patients from Antabamba, and 13 seriously injured residents were referred to the regional hospital in Abanke.

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The sub-province of Grau province, René Tuero Cabrera, confirmed that “there are two dead people who will be from Sabano. The seriously injured are being taken to the city of Abenque and the less serious will remain here.” Six linear motorcycles, a tipper and a municipal truck were also burnt in the riots.

tuero said that Border conflict in the region is chronic, but that the entry of the Anabi Mining Company compounded the problems as the price of the land improved and some residents wanted to occupy them.

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