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The gaming community, developers, and publishers are beginning to see accessibility as an important part of business and fun. But the future is still long. Reports of the needs and habits of gamers with disabilities in the UK suggest that many gamers around the world always face difficulties in playing and purchasing games.

According to Vivek Gohil’s contribution to the game media Eurogamer about a questionnaire survey conducted by Scope, a support organization for people with disabilities, 1326 people (812 people with disabilities and 514 people without disabilities) are in the game. Answered about the problems faced in the world.

Two-thirds of respondents faced gaming barriers, the most common being that they weren’t supportive or affordable. Many respondents said they didn’t buy the game because they didn’t have accessibility options, or they bought a game that lacked accessibility but couldn’t play (or return) the game.

Interestingly, gamers with disabilities are quite likely to be involved in a variety of platforms, such as buying in-game items and watching esports. As Gohill points out, around 14 million people with disabilities in the UK alone have a lot of disposable income. Among them are many active gamers who can expect economic benefits. Nonetheless, it is rarely considered to be the target or in-game layer of in-game advertising.

This seems to be changing as more and more major developers recognize that accessibility options will make the game better for everyone. New popular titles such as “Ratchet & Clank,” “The Last of Us Part II,” and “Forza Horizon 5” support a wide range of gameplay speeddowns and fine-grained difficulty settings from color blindness characteristics.

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As SMEs begin to manufacture support devices that meet diverse needs, hardware is also improving. Microsoft‘s Xbox Adaptive Controller has become a huge hit among those who can’t use previous controllers.

Microsoft recently co-sponsored an esports tournament with an emphasis on inclusion with Special Olympics.

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But there’s still a lot to do, not just engineering and development. It’s no secret that in-game chat is harmful even when it’s okay, but Scope’s research reveals that people with disabilities can get into a terrible situation when they join a chat. “Working harder to deal with negative attitudes towards disabilities online” was the most common priority. Many said it was important for people with disabilities to appear more accurately and frequently in the game, and for assistive technologies to be more affordable.

It’s clear that accessibility in the gaming world needs to be improved, but it’s difficult to assess. For this reason, these studies are extremely useful. You can read the full report here.

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