Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Ukraine has repeatedly given the good news Zelensky: 1015 strongholds have been removed from the Russian army

President of Ukraine Zelensky. (European news agency)

UkrainePresidentzelenskySaid, from February 24RussiaSince the invasion, Ukrainian forces have captured a total of 1,015 occupied strongholds from Russian forces, and 6 strongholds were recaptured on the 13th alone.

CNN reported that Zelensky said in an evening conversation on the 13th that Ukraine had gained six defenses in the past 24 hours. But it is not clear what percentage of the 1,015 strongholds are in Ukrainian territory.

Zelensky said the recaptured strongholds would restore electricity, water, communications, transport and social services, adding that the Kharkiv region’s gradual recovery proves that Ukraine will not spare any of its compatriots.

Ukraine Zelensky Russia

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