Sunday, August 14, 2022

Ukraine: Russia sets up strike force to target Zelensky’s hometown

UkraineOfficials said on the 3rd that the Russian military has added a strike force to attack the presidentzelenskyKryvyi warned Rih, his hometown, and the Russians of a new wave of aggression in Unan.

RussiaAfter the February 24 invasion, it occupied southern Ukraine, but officials in Kyiv said they would launch a retaliation, claiming yesterday that they recaptured 53 villages in the Russian-occupied Kherson region. Is.

Ukraine’s Southern Military Command described the situation as tense in a regular update on fighting in the south, Reuters reported, with Russia attacking the frontline on the 2nd.

The steel-producing town of Clifford, where Volodymyr Zelensky grew up, is only 50 kilometers from the Southern Front.

The Ukrainian military said, “(Russia) has begun to establish a strike group in the direction of Klifolo. It is very likely that the enemy will also launch a subsequent counter-attack to extend the territory to the administrative borders of the Hessen state.” Southern Command.

Ukraine has used long-range weapons provided by the West to hit Russian supply lines and ammunition depots in an attempt to increase pressure on Russian forces in the Black Sea heartland of Kherson.

The Ukrainian military said in a statement that it was carefully inspecting the local basement and converting it into an airstrike shelter for military equipment.


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