Ultra-Orthodox Poland is increasingly leaving the EU

WorldUltra-Orthodox Poland is increasingly leaving the EU

  • The death of a young woman with an unviable fetus sparks new protests against the government and its restrictive pregnancy interruption law

  • The Law and Justice Party government declares itself Eurosceptic and does not hesitate to resort to hate speech when referring to the LGTBI collective.

high riot fence And security agent guard the headquarters Constitutional Court of Poland, a. is located in elegant mansion from the south of Warsaw who once served as casino for executives, just a few hours ago, about 10,000 people, activists and extremists of feminist movements mostly in favor of easing the law on abortion, which they followed Donald Tusk, the former president of the European Council, gathered in this dark corner of the Polish capital to protest the death of Isabella, a 30-year-old young woman. sizzna, as a result of one in the south of the country 22 weeks unviable pregnancy,

Hours before her death, Isabella, whose last name was not released, wrote to her family via WhatsApp from the same hospital where she was admitted that doctors had refused to perform one. interruption of pregnancy due to this strict abortion laws Applied in Poland: “They’ll wait for it child death or that ‘something’ seems to happen; And if not, great, I can expect septic shock.”

The next day, first thing in the morning, Izabella died, according to hospital doctors, due to a pulmonary embolism, According to the autopsy as a result of a septic shock, a death known more than a week After the completion. the hospital suspended two doctors who treated him and tried to avoid responsibility, ensuring that “all medical decisions were made with due consideration”. legal provision And this codes of conduct in Poland”.

nine year term

It is not surprising that the highest judicial instance of the Slavic country, elected by the legislative body for a term of nine years, focuses the anger of vital area of ​​citizens It seems like unprotected hey not represented for the present coalition government, headed by the Law and Justice Party, with a tendency populist, ultra conservative And Eurosceptic, His two latest decisions have not only sparked outrage feminist movement hey progressiveRather, they have provoked a serious backlash in the European Union as well. In October 2020, the body declared unconstitutional allow termination of pregnancy, malformations in the fetus. Last July, at the request of the Prime Minister Matusz Marowiecz, established that Article 1 union treaty rebuttal primacy Polish Magna Carta and state sovereignty,

The latest demonstrations “are not going to change much and the government is not going to feel obliged to change course,” he assured EL PERIÓDICO Malgorzata Kulvazhevska figut, Journalists of the left-wing portal Strajk.eu. According to the informant, participation in the mobilization, “was under nourished More than expected “The country in which, today” is only pending refugee crisis“He lamented before recalling that the previous wave of feminist protests, which followed the latest sanctions approved by the body, only managed to circulate on the Internet.”more information“So that women who want to go to neighboring countries like Germany, Czechia hey Slovakia,

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The authorities responded to the criticism by assuring that Isabella’s death was the result. medical malpractice and not restrictive laws on abortion, permitted in the event that the mother’s health is at risk. “When it comes to the health of the mother, it is possible to terminate the pregnancy,” the prime minister insisted. maroviecic, “The Isabella case shows that even a notion that should never be questioned – the Life And this Health Mother’s – not always recognized by doctors because They are afraid“, answered Urszula GrichukWomen and Family Planning Association.

deaf ears

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The current government‘s attitude towards the LGTBI community has also arisen. critical criticism, In contrast to what happens with right-wing and centre-right structures in Western Europe, leaders of justice and law have no problem employing one. hate language accusing members of this group Threatening “Values” And this “Polish national identity“and even going so far as to declare a hundred municipalities “LGBT free zones.” “At CodeRed, one of the capital’s gay-friendly places, customers try ignore for such statements and put nice face to bad weather “This is a stage in the history of this country, but this governmentit will not last forever”, highlight Iremeusz Mankiewicz, Although there can be no homosexuals in Poland To marry nor form civil union, they are confident that EU membership will reduce any temptation by the government to attack them beyond of words. “he would European Fund“Iremus recalls.

Mobilization amid oppression of free media

Although anti-immigration policies, populist And tendency to occupy the state are equal, the Polish government faces more internal opposition than Hungarian executive Viktor Orban’s while implementing his agenda. in the opinion of the journalist Kulvazhevska Figata, it is possible to identify a Poland “which accepts the postulates of the government and others”. firmly rallied” against this situation, and which also goes “in” help from immigrants“From the Middle East, Between Poland”of cities and that “the rural area“, From “Woman” And “for men,

It is known that the opposition impressive speaker, the government majority in parliament has just approved a series of controversial amendment for media legislation that limits the possibility that companies outside the EU can access a television license, The purpose of the legal text, of course, is to neutralize TV, the country’s leading private chain, whose majority partner is a US company Search, “I don’t want to work for public television,” reacted sarcastically a reporter for that station, who prefers not to be named, right in front of headquarters. constitutional Court,

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