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UN report paved the way for nuclear test: North Korea digs new tunnel at nuclear test site

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A copy obtained by the Nihon Keizai ShimbunUnited NationsThe draft report states,North KoreaExplosive devices have been tested and new underground tunnels have begun to be dug at its Pungye-ri nuclear test site, “paving the way for additional nuclear tests to develop nuclear weapons”.


The report, covering the first seven months of this year, details the strategy used by North Korea to evade sanctions. The report was presented to the Security Council North Korea Sanctions Committee on the 3rd and will be released after discussion by the permanent members of the Security Council. According to the report Council.

Reports said North Korea has expanded its capacity to produce fissile material at its Yongbyon nuclear facility and a tunnel at the Pungye-ri nuclear test plant, destroyed during denuclearization talks with the United States in 2018. is digging. A Security Council member disclosed that “detonators that could be used for nuclear tests are being tested in Fengxi-ri”, while two other Security Council members analyzed that “in early June, nuclear The preparation for the test has entered the final stage”.

In addition, the report also noted that the North Korean cybercrime group “Lazarus Group” and other groups continued to carry out cyberattacks, stealing hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency. In the first quarter of 2022, 47 companies and institutions, including defense contractors, were infected with new malware sent by Lazarus, which used Lazarus to target in a campaign called “Operation Dream Job” in January of this year. Many chemical and IT sector organizations acquire their intellectual property.

The report also said that North Korea is still smuggling large amounts of refined oil across its borders.Oilproducts, and continued to export coal in defiance of Security Council restrictions. A study by a panel of experts and UN members also found that “Pyongyang officials continued to unload cargo into Chinese territorial waters, but did not specify specific amounts”. The report also ends with mentioning the spread of the new coronavirus in North Korea.

These reports, while not legally binding, have served as the basis for action against individuals or organizations that violate the sanctions.



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