Under pressure to take action, the White House formula solves the crunch

At the same time, officials said they are encouraging states to ease regulations on manufacturers such as package size requirements so that they can streamline and increase production.

The Biden administration is facing growing political pressure to resolve the crisis, which has been included in their interim strategy from Republicans, but is also facing challenging re-election bids from Democrats.

“I will never be satisfied unless there is food on the shelf,” re-elected spokeswoman Abigail Spanberg, D-VA, said in an interview. She said shortly after she appeared on TV, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein got a call to discuss the shortage.

“They are dealing with this on an emergency level,” Ms Spanberg said. “Can they communicate it more aggressively? I want everyone to be excited about it.”

He and Mr Klein discussed enforcing the Defense Production Act to boost production, and officials said the move was being considered. He also discussed the removal of tariffs, so that the U.S. To bring imported formulas to the shelves more quickly.

House Democrats have announced two hearings on the issue over the next two weeks.

At a news conference in Capitol Hill on Thursday, House Republicans blamed Biden for the shortfall, saying his administration had failed to plan for it and that he had recently failed to address the financial challenges facing voters.

The focus on the formula crisis is in line with the message that Republicans hope to win in November: Biden and Democrats are relentless on issues most important to ordinary Americans, such as inflation and rising gasoline prices.

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