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Unhappy with the sound of the piano, the white girl shot from above and threatened the Chinese girl below

Southern CaliforniaarcadiaA strange incident of firing happened recently in Arcadia.SugarFemale piano teacher’s house “falls from the sky. It is suspected that the white woman above was dissatisfied with the sound of the neighboring piano and shot straight through the floor below, nearly injuring the person. Suspect arrested Is.

As ABC reports, Arcadia police arrested Katherine Pugh, 39, on suspicion of illegally operating a gun at her home on the 600 block of Sunset Avenue in Arcadia. Katherine Pugh is a nurse at Hungtinton Hospital. Police said he had an altercation with Pin Sin Lin, a Chinese female piano teacher.

Lin Pinxin said in an interview with ABC Radio that she was preparing lunch in the kitchen the first afternoon, when she suddenly heard a loud noise and thought it was the loud noise of an upstairs neighbor slamming the door. About an hour later he heard two more loud explosions. Later, as she was preparing for her afternoon piano lessons, a bullet came out of the ceiling above the piano and hit the lamp next to the piano, nearly killing her. It was then that Lin Pinxin realized that someone had shot at her house and immediately called the police.

Lin Pinxin remembered the loud noise she heard while she was cooking lunch, and looking carefully into the kitchen, she found a bullet hole in the closet. The bullet entered the ceiling and hit the rice cooker in the cell.

When police arrived, they arrested neighbor Katherine Pugh, who had shot above. Arcadia Police Chief Ryan Mulhall said, “We arrived and saw a woman who was drunk and had two guns. We shot her down twice.” “We were in his room,” he said. Found a bottle of tequila and saw him drank.”

In addition to the two bullets that hit Lin Pinxin’s home, police also found a bullet hole in the window and wall of Catherine Pugh’s home. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Lin Pinxin said she has been teaching piano in that apartment for three years, and Katherine Pugh has been dissatisfied with the sound of the piano in her home since moving up last year.

Bail for Katherine Pugh was originally set at $250,000, but was later increased to $500,000. Judge Terry Lee believed that Katherine Pugh posed a significant threat to the community and ruled that the bail should be revoked.

Carla Sarabia, a public defender for Katherine Pugh, said, “For us, this is a tragedy.” She explained that Katherine Pugh is an outstanding nurse at Huntington Hospital and won the 2019 Outstanding Nurse Award. But a spokeswoman for the hospital said she had not been working in the hospital since December 2020. Katherine Pugh has no previous criminal record, but she could face several years in prison for the incident.

Katherine Pugh’s mother Katherine Pugh said her daughter should not be punishedUC BerkeleyGraduated, got a scholarship, good grades, “He’s one of the best people in the world.”

But the victim didn’t think so, Lin Pinxin said, worried that Katherine Pugh would retaliate against her if she was released.

The bullet hole in Lin Pinxin’s roof. (ABC)

Arcadia Chinese piano teacher Lin Pinxin.  (ABC)
Arcadia Chinese piano teacher Lin Pinxin. (ABC)

Katherine Pugh was the recipient of Huntington Hospital's 2019 Best Nurse Award.  (Prey...
Katherine Pugh was the recipient of Huntington Hospital’s 2019 Best Nurse Award. (Huntington Health Twitter)


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