United States welcomes Finland into NATO What about Ukraine?

Leading NATO members, led by France and Germany, have made it clear that they oppose Ukraine’s involvement. The idea is now strong that if Ukraine becomes a full member, the United States and the other 29 members of the coalition will have to enter directly through the treaty. Its main commitment is to attack one member and attack everyone.

Mr. Zelensky understood the dynamics and withdrew his insistence on bringing Ukraine into NATO after the conflict. In late March, a month after the Russian invasion, when a diplomatic solution appeared, he made it clear that he was ready to declare Ukraine “neutral” if the war ended permanently. State.

“Security and neutrality, the nuclear-free state of our country – we are ready,” he told Russian reporters, repeating the phrase several times.

The announcement was a relief to Biden, whose primary goal was to expel the Russians from Ukraine, while his secondary goal was to prevent World War III.

His goal is to avoid direct confrontation with Putin’s military and to avoid doing anything that could lead to a rapidly escalating nuclear war. Bringing Ukraine into the NATO would strengthen Mr. Putin’s claim that the former Soviet state is conspiring with the West to destroy the Russian state and launching a direct confrontation with all sorts of threats. Time. ,

According to this logic, Biden refused to send migraines to Ukraine, which could be used to bomb Moscow. They refused to set up a no-fly zone in Ukraine because of the potential for conflict between American pilots and Russian pilots.

But over the past few weeks, his once clear line has become blurred.

As Russia’s military weakness and incompetence became apparent, Mr Biden agreed to send heavy artillery to Ukraine and use missiles and switchblade drones against Russian tanks to thwart Russia’s latest operation in the Donbass.

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