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Unprecedented… “Rivals” Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt collaborating on a new movie?

It is said that the “Yu Liang complex” is so severe that he has “not been able to see the king” for nearly 30 years.Tom CruiseAndbrad pitt, It is indeed possible to collaborate on a new film. Which director has such a great reputation?It turned out withbushQuentin Tarantino, who has worked with him more than once and has a good relationship with him.

Quentin Tarantino, 60, claims he is directing “the last film of his life.” His temporary name is “The Critic” (literal translation). It is said to be based on real people. The hero is a man who has never been very big. Brad Pitt, famous for writing film reviews for pulp magazines, has joined the cast and may play the title role. In the past, Tom Cruise and Quentin almost got together in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, but Quentin ultimately chose between Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise. He chose the first two for acting. It is rumored that Tom’s height is quite different from hers. The two male heroes in the film are set as the male star and his stand-in, so there cannot be too much difference in body size, so Tom As a result, they were taken out, and it was said that Xiao His knot with Boo became deeper.

When Tom Cruise co-starred with Brad Pitt in “Interview with the Vampire”, he was very wary of Bob. She was deeply afraid that her beauty would be taken away, so she made sure to wear shoes with insoles while filming the opposite scenes. He wouldn’t look half as small as Xiaobu. At the time, Bob was becoming popular in Hollywood. Tom had been a superstar for almost 10 years, so he was very careful. Bob also felt that when he played the role in the film, his role was quite effective, and the further the film was filmed, the more he felt focused. Offset, filled with anger, admitted that “Interview with the Vampire” was one of the most harrowing filming experiences.

Similarly, both Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were unhappy. Since then, the two dominated Hollywood and were never seen together in the same film. “The Mavericks” director Joseph Cowboy Sinski once approached the two of them to read together for “Tracks”. Man”. The outside world almost thought that both of them were willing to let go and act together again, but they still could not come together, and in the end the director and the lead actor were all replaced. Quentin This time was able to convince them. Obviously, relying on friendship to impress Xiao Bu, and then using the “last movie” to make Tom decide to take advantage of the opportunity may be the key to success.

But according to European and American reports, although Xiaobu will be one of the heroes of “Film Critics”, Tom is busy completing “Mission: Impossible: The Reckoning Chapter 2” and actually has more time to shoot new movies. Not there. I’m afraid it will only be a guest role or a friendly support scene, and not necessarily a role opposite Xiao Bu. No wonder this time the chances of making the final are quite high.

Rumor has it that Tom Cruise has one big name he can’t share the stage with. (Reuters file photo)

Brad Pitt once admitted that the experience of working with another senior superstar was not a pleasant one.  (Reuters file photo)
Brad Pitt once admitted that the experience of working with another senior superstar was not a pleasant one. (Reuters file photo)



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