Unstoppable violence in Zacatecas: eight bodies found in Fresnillo the day before AMLO’s arrival

U.S.A.Unstoppable violence in Zacatecas: eight bodies found in Fresnillo...

Zacatecas. The findings were confirmed by the Secretary of Public Security of

This Tuesday, November 23, just a day before President Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) heads to the federal unit of Zacatecas to give his presentation. assistance planAccording to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), the Fresnilo authority – the municipality with the highest perception of insecurity in the entire country (94.3%), – Reported the discovery of eight bodies in three different points in the area.

The first incident, confirmed by the Secretary of Public Security of Zacatecas, was recorded at a vehicle bridge in the community of San Jose de Lourdes. there they were located, suspended from a rope, Half-naked bodies of three people.

“At this time we are working to transfer bodies and evidence to the Forensic Medical Service for analysis, as well as to complete the practice of autopsy by law and due process for the rapid identification of victims. Huh.” The Secretariat gave this information in a statement.

The deployment of officers has been extended to the other two points of the municipality, As three other bodies were found in the same community, although at a different location, hanging from a tree, and two more were found on a property between the San Ignacio and San Gabriel communities.

Credits: Zacatecas. Secretary of Public Security

,Unfortunately, two more bodies were located at a site between the community of San Ignacio and San Gabriel.Therefore, at this point of time, operative action and ministerial proceedings for the collection of evidence and the procedures for the places that make up the investigation folder following these cases are on,” said a spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Security.

The laborers who left their homes very early on the morning of Thursday 18 November in the municipality Cuauhtémoc, Zacatecas, paused to watch and take pictures of the tragic scene that many of them faced Orito Bridge before dawn.

,It looked like something out of a movie. This can’t possibly happen in reality” declared one of the witnesses.

Nine corpses, some half-naked, were hung by blue and yellow ropes on the bridge of Federal Highway 45 in the municipality bordering the state of Aguascalientes. Some were tied to the feet. They were all blown away by the wind. The tenth body gave up under its own weight and was stretched on the asphalt. All were “Men between 21 and 42 years“According to the police report.

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Reuters / Guillermo Moreno
Reuters/Guillermo Moreno (Stringer/)

“These are the male victims, whose bodies were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service for study,” the government of Zacatecas said in a statement. Five were from Ciudad Cuautémoc, three from the municipality of Zacatecas, one from Guadalupe and one from Ojocaliente.

from mid 2020 zacatecas he has highlighted The Sinaloa Cartel’s Continuing Struggle Against the CJNG, which wants to expand in the north of the country. The battle for that state is crucial to reaching the southern border of the United States, which is the main market for the cartel.

A cell, operated by Zambada García, is called operational MZ yo arrow group, was deployed in the state to face the people led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, The mencho, who have been helped by leaders like listen to forest flowers yo Gabriel Raigosa Plascencia, Gardner, as well as his call elite group,

This Sunday, November 21, it was announced that the President López Obrador (AMLO) will go zacatecas to present your assistance plan, as it has done with other states ruled by the Rashtriya Utthan Andolan (Morena).

The state is currently facing a wave of violence, so last Friday, November 19, the Constitutional Governor, David Monreal Avilaexpressed that he expects help from the federation to address the insecurities and collateral conflicts that it brings.

“I await the arrival of the President of the Republic May he also come to the rescue, to participate, to supportPay attention to the social problems we are facing”, commented Monreal.

According to the agenda issued by the Office of Communications of the Presidency of the Republic, in Tabasco will be Zacatecas Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25, although on the same day he will be in Aguascalientes in the afternoon; Whereas on Friday 26th he will participate in Oaxaca.

NS Wednesday 24 The head of the Mexican executive will present assistance plan in the state capital, 19:00 hours (Central Mexico Time). The next day, your daily will be morning press conference In Guadalupe, Zacatecas, at 07:00.

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