Unusual failure by Nestor Ortigoza that generated Aldosivi’s goal against San Lorenzo at Mar del Plata

U.S.A.Unusual failure by Nestor Ortigoza that generated Aldosivi's goal...

Eldosivi’s goal and previous game with Ortigoza’s failure

beginning in Jose Maria Minella Stadium excited fans of san lorenzo that it took two arrivals to open the scoring in just two minutes before eldosivic Professional league till date 22. However, this was hardly a sigh as in their first action, the cast of Mar del Plata took the lead one after another. Nestor Ortigoza’s mistake was a forgettable game.

The experienced midfielder came in from the bottom and looked to switch front for Francisco Flores, but the pass fell short and was anticipated by the defender. Meet Federico. Action continued with a center Gabriel Hoche He scored his first goal in a group he directed Martin Palermo.

Undoubtedly, this defect attracted attention given the accuracy that Ortigoza usually possesses. The central midfielder who made a comeback this season cyclone, soon confirmed his position as a benchmark, but his mistake exposed his team to continue to suffer from the arrival of Aldoivi even after being down on the scoreboard, especially in left field.

In the second half, Ortigoza remained the hero as he claimed responsibility and had accurate passes, but also with scandal in the game. Twelve minutes later, when events unfolded with a vigorous discussion between Ortigoza and Martin Coutruccio (Both are partners in the US Champions Team of San Lorenzo). Vagina said something for a foul before Kolokini Nicolas Fernandez Marcos, but the issue continued with a brawl where Rapalini expelled the two and Ortigoza threw a cotteruccio blow at him. The problems continued and the two began to watch as they left the court.

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hot weather followed when its Fernandez Maracau also received a red for an elbow in the 25th minute and left his team with nine players.

In the context of all the trouble that the Bajo Flores team is experiencing, which with this partial result is ranked last in the championship table and adds a third consecutive defeat, Number 12 in 22 days. San Lorenzo is led by a couple Diego Monáriz and Jose Di Leo. Both failed to reverse the team’s panorama, which had already had an erratic performance in Uruguay’s technical direction. paolo montero,

the picture is more complicated because cyclone It is also out of the International Cup according to the scores of the annual table. That adds up to 41 points and has 8 defense and justice units, the last of which will enter the South American Cup today.

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