Updated quote on discussion on US-Taiwan relations State Department reiterates “does not support Taiwan’s independence”

US State Department spokesman John Price reiterated on the 11th that US policy remains unchanged, that it does not support Taiwan’s independence, and that the Taiwan Relations Act, based on the trio, adheres to a long-term “one-China policy”. Committed to. US-China releases and six guarantees. The photo shows Price hosting the World Press Freedom Day press conference on the 3rd. (Central News Agency)

state DepartmentUpdate the official website of the discussion of US-Taiwan relations, and remove words that do not support Taiwan independence, Taiwan is a part of China, etc., which have led to heated discussions. State Department spokesman Ned Price reiterated today that US policy remains unchanged, that it does not support Taiwan’s independence, and that it will remain committed for many years.one china policy,

The State Council updated the status of US-Taiwan relations on its official website on the 5th. In addition to including “six assurances to Taiwan” in the One-China policy and reaffirming that Taiwan is an important US partner in the Indo-Pacific. , it has also removed “Taiwan is a part of China” and “Taiwan is a part of China” in the previous 2018 edition. Words such as do not support Taiwan’s independence” have sparked discussions.

Several journalists continued to press Price on relevant issues at the regular briefing today, including whether the US supports Taiwan’s independence.

Price reiterated that US policy toward Taiwan remains unchanged, and is committed to adhering to a long-term “one-China policy” based on the Taiwan Relations Act, three US-China communiqués and six guarantees; It has been explicitly stated many times.

Although there are no diplomatic relations between the United States and Taiwan, and the United States does not support Taiwan’s independence, Price emphasized that the two sides have strong informal ties, and maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. The United States has a permanent interest.

Pressed by the media, the U.S. states that it does not support Taiwan’s independence, but that it sells arms to Taiwan, sends a delegation to visit Taiwan, and seeks participation in international organizations including Taiwan as an “independent entity”. Promotes inclusion, not part of it. of China. This year’s World Health Assembly (WHA), “Why is it not supporting Taiwan’s independence?”

The two are very different things, Price said, and the United States is emphasizing Taiwan’s strong and meaningful participation in international organizations where membership or national status is not a requirement for membership. Taiwan is a leader in democracy, and the world has a lot to learn from Taiwan, whether in public health, economics or climate change.

Price said that the United States and Taiwan have cooperation in a wide range of areas, and will continue to promote Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the United States (international organizations), all within the framework of the United States’ unchanged one-China policy. Huh. ,

As for the sectarian planes that constantly harass Taiwan, is it possible to send Taiwan to Taiwan?BeijingTaking the unpleasant direction, Price did not wish to comment further, saying that the impact of China’s actions should be left for the people of Taiwan to answer. But he said the United States continues to express concern over Beijing’s provocative actions and calls for stability in the Taiwan Strait.

“We will continue to stand by our fellow Taiwanese in the future, and the United States’ commitment to Taiwan is rock-solid, including potential threats,” he stressed.

Video Source: World News Network One Continent Focus

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