Uribistas Attempts to Boycott Spotify on Uribe’s Danielle Coronel Podcast

U.S.A.Uribistas Attempts to Boycott Spotify on Uribe's Danielle Coronel...

Daniel Coronel / Private Collection

On 19 November, Daniel Coronel announced on his social network the plot of his next project, which he described as an “exciting investigation” and most representative of his career as a journalist.

The project, which will reveal the full investigation into the three-year criminal process against former President lvaro Uribe, will be broadcast in a podcast on Spotify.

,[Es] A case of alleged coercion, payment and favor to save Colombia’s most powerful man from jail”, can be heard in an ad published on Twitter by the Spotify account.

He said there would be a “secret story” within this new program that unfolded following the collection of documents and evidence “that facilitated the processing and arrest of the former president.” In addition, he assured that the program would contain “unpublished details and a reporter’s secret diary”.

This publication did not sit well with the Colombian extreme right, which immediately invited Spotify to be blocked for what it calledsupport” for the “terrorist left”.

Former senator lvaro Uribe’s tweeters and followers tried unsuccessfully to promote the abolition of the application in Colombia, and citizens did not listen to the journalist’s investigation. Many claimed that the music company was trying to “get rich” at Uribe’s expense or that it was impossible to prove anything against Uribe.

These are the trills:

The investigation into bribery and procedural fraud against former President lvaro Uribe Velez will resume hearing on October 4. The trial of the recognized victims will begin before a judge, who will decide whether the process has been concluded following a request from the prosecutor’s office to request an exclusion of the investigation.

In addition, on 13 October, the 36th Court of Guarantee Control released lawyer Diego Cadena, who had been charged by the Office of the General Prosecutor of bribery of witnesses and procedural fraud, due to the expiration of the terms of the former president. was also brought against. lvaro Uribe Velez.

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According to the court, more than 240 days have passed since the indictment against Cadena was presented without an oral hearing, as indicated by the defense.

In the end, the Special Investigation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice dismissed a complaint filed by lawyer Victor Mosquera against Senator Ivan Cepeda for allegedly concealing and destroying information and conversations that led him to Juan Guillermo Monsalve, Star. Will add to Uribe with ‘witness’. matter.

Mosquera immediately accused them of disrupting, altering and destroying potential content. Prior to the Court’s decision, Cepeda stated that “Having learned of certain facts which may be relevant to justice, I immediately brought them to the notice of my counsel and through him to the Supreme Court of Justice, so that in any way Can it be said that he has withheld the evidence from the courts, but on the contrary, the voluntary and prompt distribution of the said information has allowed initiation of judicial action”.

As known to the Senator, the Court declared that it did not engage in any punitive conduct and held that the events condemned were “unusual and, from that point of view, the intention to conceal, alter or destroy any material evidence”. or any other conduct punishable by those established in a particular part of the Penal Code”.

The Chamber clarified that there is no duty to protect private communications, as it would disregard the constitutional right to privacy and that it would be consistent to meet this requirement even under the principle of solidarity with the administration of justice, as it Will agree in arbitrary interference that ignores constitutional law.

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