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US accuses China Far East Cable of helping ZTE do business with Iran

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Ministry of CommerceThe United States today accused China’s largest wire and cable maker, Far East Cable, of violating US rules on shipping goods.Iranexport control.


The Commerce Department said in its indictment that Far East Cable signed an agreement in 2013 to purchase equipment from Chinese telecommunications equipment maker ZTE and then signed contracts with several Iranian companies to supply telecommunications equipment and components, Reuters reported.

The Commerce Department accused Far East Cable of violating 18 US export control rules.

“As stated in the allegations, while ZTE knew it was being investigated for the exact same conduct, Far East Cable also acted as ZTE’s doppelganger to help ZTE ships ship cargo to Iran.”

Far East Cable and ZTE did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

ZTE sued the U.S. in 2017 for breaching sanctions. agreed to payMinistry of Justice, an $89.2 million fine from the Department of Commerce and the Treasury. ZTE pleaded guilty at the time, Iran to the U.S. Admitted to sending telecommunications equipment, and accepted a suspended sentence, which ended in March this year.



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