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US aid to Ukraine continues to increase, Congress unanimously “gives way” Who will investigate?

On the evening of the 10th, the House of Representatives passed a case of about 40 billion yuan in military aid to Ukraine, and the proposal has been sent to the Senate. The photo shows a bombed building in Malibo, Ukraine. (Reuters)

The Russo-Ukrainian War has been going on for almost three months, and the United States hasUkraineAid keeps on increasing, CongressLok SabhaOn the evening of the 10th, the bill was quickly passed and another huge sum of about 40 billion was invested in Ukraine; However, throughout the process, almost no one raised any questions about aid, and even suspicions that the United States might be involved in an armed conflict were drowned out.

In February, early in the Russo-Ukrainian War, members of Congress from both parties sent a letterBidenwarned that Congress should authorize the US military before entering the war; Some Progressive lawmakers were concerned about the unforeseen consequences of providing Ukrainian arms; Some conservatives believed that the United States should not engage in war at all.

The New York Times reported that as the war continued, the Biden administration provided more and more aid to Ukraine, and even provided vital intelligence to the Ukrainian military.

After Congress passed a massive $13.6 billion aid for Ukraine bill a few weeks ago, the House of Representatives voted 368 to 57 on the evening of the 10th to pass a $40 billion military and humanitarian aid package for Ukraine. In other words, Congress in less than two weeks approved $53.6 billion in funding for Ukraine, the largest foreign aid package passed by Congress in more than 20 years.

On the issue of aid to Ukraine, the two parties in Congress approved aid almost without question immediately. However, they worked hard on several domestic issues and could not reach an agreement on several domestic funding issues, including taxes to raise millions. American children are out of poverty. Credits, and even a response to curb the spread of the coronavirus, have still been rebuffed as Republicans and a handful of Democrats fear the spending will fuel inflation and the federal deficit.

In addition to agreeing to heavy aid without question, members of both sides expressed no concern about the Russo-Ukrainian war and questioned the strategic intentions of the Biden administration. The leaders of both parties originally asked Biden to aid Ukraine. On request.

Hours before the House vote on the Ukrainian aid funding bill, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States, Oksana Markova, went to the Senate to meet in person with leaders from both sides, moving the package from the Senate and passing it quickly. called upon to

As a result, Congress swiftly and almost unanimously passed this historic foreign aid, with little public debate on whether the Biden administration’s strategy, to increase the amount of military aid, would escalate conflict, or whether it was domestic priorities. Set aside make way for huge spending on aid to Ukraine.

“Time is of the essence, and we can’t wait,” House Speaker Polosi told the House of Representatives ahead of the vote. The House quickly passed the $40 billion bill.

The loudest voices on both sides are those who have declared their full support for the bill, arguing that failure to block Russia now would lead to a more costly conflict later.

While about 60 Republicans opposed the bill, only a few expressed concern about the bill, saying that the U.S. does not need to spend as much overseas as the U.S. The urgency of time is opposed.

Opposition and misogyny in Congress are mostly among far-right Republicans; Rape. Warren Davidson, Ohio’s Republican, worries that Congress’s rapid approval of the law without enough debate is essentially turning Biden America’s role in the world “from a war” to a war funded by someone. as well”.

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