US China Trust Bank deeply rooted in local areas to help vulnerable survive pandemic

Chinatown Children’s Paradise (CCCC) 50th Anniversary Party, China CITIC Bank Representative and Executive Director Anne W. Quang (3rd from right) took a group photo (Photo courtesy of CITIC Bank)

CHINA CITIC BANK has three branches in the Gulf region.AsianEthnic groups are not far behind in local welfare. In addition to donating 6,000 yuan to the Asian American Home Service (APA) earlier in the year, it participated in the Chinatown Community Children’s Center (CCCC) 50th anniversary party to help these non-profit organizations. also donated 3,000 yuan.EpidemicDuring this period, fundraising was difficult and continued to help Asian and disadvantaged groups.

Wu Anna, chief vice president of China Trust San Francisco branch, said in a low-key manner that China CITIC Bank has always been directly involved in local public welfare activities. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, it has become difficult for social welfare groups to raise funds. The two non-profit organizations chosen to donate this time, APA, were founded in 1987 and are made up of professionals and experienced family volunteers, primarily serving marriages or refugees from Southeast Asia. Country new immigrants arriving in the United States often have language barriers and cultural conflicts, unfamiliar with Western medicine and appropriate parenting and education methods, resulting in domestic violence, social isolation, depression, and economic difficulties. Huh. , APA has long helped these families by providing linguistically and culturally appropriate services such as home visits, emotional support and translation services. Preventing child abuse and domestic violence and thereby promoting healthy children and families. More information can be found on their website

Another CCCC was established in the same year 1972californiaPart of the Asian American Civil Rights Movement. Provide public service to Chinatown and the entire Asian American community. It has successfully provided high quality bilingual, bi-cultural, nursing and education to more than 3,000 families in the Bay Area. 80% of CCCC children come from families with low-standard income levels. The center’s mission is to help these families integrate into American society and achieve economic stability while maintaining their cultural identity. Readers may visit the official website of CCCC for more details.

Anna Wu said that China CITIC Bank was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It has 14 branches in California, New York and New Jersey. It is the fourth largest Chinese bank in the United States and has 110 overseas branches in the world. It is the largest Chinese bank in Taiwan. Financial institution with wide international network. Three branches in San Francisco also offer services in Chinese and Cantonese. In addition, free financial seminars are organized from time to time, which is also a good helper for Asian ethnic groups to manage their money in the United States.

At the party for the 50th anniversary of the founding of Chinatown Kindergarten, Anna Wu, Chief Vice President of the China Trust San Francisco Branch and Mayor of San Francisco...
At the party for the 50th anniversary of the founding of Chinatown Kindergarten, Anna Wu, chief vice president of the China Trust San Francisco branch, and San Francisco Mayor London Ann, Breed, take a group photo. (Image provided by CITIC Bank)

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